NCTC Foundation

Four Graduates of NCTC

Our Mission

The Foundation’s mission is to encourage, solicit, receive, and administer gifts and bequests of property and funds for scholarships, programs, and activities that promote North Central Texas college student success and institutional excellence.

Our Purpose

To promote private and corporate support of the college, the NCTC Foundation was incorporated in 1983 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity, making the contributions it receives tax deductible. Governed by a volunteer board of directors (representative of the college’s service area) the NCTC Foundation’s fundamental, long-term goal is to build a strong endowment program to ensure quality education and financial stability for the college.

NCTC Foundation Board

The NCTC Foundation Board has volunteers from throughout the college’s service area serving on the overall board and campus committees.  Listed below are the members by campus board.

Foundation Board

Ryan Morris
Executive Vice President
Shane Wiley
Regi Klement
Dr. Brent Wallace
Dr. Eddie Hadlock
David Jones
Dr. Milton Dickson
Shirley Weems
Bryon Berry
Grice King
Karla Metzler
Steve Schmitz
David Spaeth
Karon Sullivant
Patsy Wilson
Mark Merki
Nicki Roderman
Pat Lawson
Kelly Carmichael
Diane Cody
Ellen Morris
Larry Slack
Bonnie Hamilton

Foundation Denton County Board Members

Vice President
Mark Merki
Vice President
Nicki Roderman
Vice President
Pat Lawson
Michelle Cunningham
Emilio Gonzalez
Kerry Goree
Mary Jenkins
Alex Lee
Peter McClesky
Charlotte Wright-Robertson
Duke York
Roy Culberson
Jessica DeRoche

Foundation Montague County Board Members

Vice President
Larry Slack
Vice President
Bonnie Hamilton
Donna Ashley
Nancy Blackmon
Shea Brown
Janis Crawley
Courtney McEwen
Ireta Jo Overstreet
Rayford Pullen
Zachary Renfro
Rickey Tow
James Yohe
Jim Gilbow

Foundation Graham Campus Board Members

Vice President
Ellen Morris
Vice President
Kelly Carmichael
Vice President
Diane Cody
Brandon Anderson
Brandon Bates
Randy Cantin
Michael Carmichael
Debra Cobb
Sonny Cruse
Krisa Dela Cruz
Joe Gordy
Gordon Grubbs
Mary Heartfield
Richard Ligon
Andrea Lowery
Isabel Smith

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us if we can be of any assistance. The main phone number for the NCTC Foundation and the External Affairs Office is (940) 668-4213