Online Registration

Eligible students may register for many NCTC courses via the online registration system available through MyNCTC. Students will receive their MyNCTC network username and password upon initial processing of their application. This is the system all students use to access online registration, as well as:

  • View/print unofficial transcripts
  • View/print class schedule
  • Review admissions file and/or account holds
  • Print Advising Worksheets/degree shop
  • Check final grades at the end of each semester
  • Verify and accept Financial Aid awards
  • View/pay on student account

Seeing an Advisor Before Registering Online

NCTC feels that all students benefit from academic advising, however, they have the opportunity to self-enroll if they meet the eligibility criteria under "Who is eligible to register online through MyNCTC?" listed below.

Otherwise, students must see an advisor before they are allowed to register online if they are:

  • First-time college students (including students who were previously Dual Credit students but are now at NCTC as full or part-time student), or continuing college students who have earned 30 credit hours
  • Students who are not TSI (Texas Success Initiative) complete in one or more areas (see next section for description of TSI requirements)
  • Students who are enrolled in a certificate program
  • Students who need to have transfer credits applied from another institution
  • Students on Academic or Financial Aid Suspension (if appeal has been submitted and approved)

Eligibility for Registering Online

  • Students who have met admissions requirements, are in good academic standing, and have no holds on their accounts
  • Students who are enrolled in an associate's degree program
  • Students who are College Ready in all three TSI areas (Reading, Writing, and Math)