I'm Registered - What's Next?

Registered student celebrating his beginning college at NCTC
1. sign into your all-in-one student portal, OneLogin.

2. set up payment.

  • Payment options:
  • How to pay through MyNCTC:
    • Sign in to OneLogin. Go to MyNCTC > Student Services tab > Financial on the left side.
    • Directions and billing are on the right side of the page under Paying for Classes and Payment Options.
    • Use the Financial Aid Portal on this page to accept a financial aid award. Contact the Financial Aid Office at finaid@nctc.edu for questions about your aid!
  • Payment deadline:
3. Set Up Your NCTC Student Email Account.

  • Sign in to OneLogin. Select Office365. This brings you to your NCTC LionPride student email.
  • The first time you open your email, you'll enter your time zone. Then click Mail to view your inbox.
  • You can forward your student email to your personal email account under Settings-then all your important NCTC emails can be forwarded to your personal inbox!
4. get your student iD card.

  • You can have a student photo ID and debit card made through the Business Office at any NCTC Campus, or you can request the debit card only and have it mailed to you
  • To set up your debit card features, designate your bank account of choice on MyNCTC > Student Services tab > Direct Deposit Designation on the left side. This determines if account refunds deposit to your NCTC student bank account or to another bank account of your choice. 
  • Take advantage of student discounts at local businesses with your NCTC student photo ID card!
5. get a free parking permit.

  • On OneLogin, select Parking Portal to register your vehicle.
  • Parking permits are required for each campus, and will be needed to access the gated parking garage if you attend the downtown Denton campus. 
6. get your textbooks.

  • Visit the NCTC Bookstore website to search for books and supplies needed based on each course name and number. 
  • Order your books through the same website to have them shipped, or select an NCTC campus pickup location.
  • If you’re using Financial Aid, check with them before ordering books to make sure you have funds available.
7. check your schedule to see when your classes begin!

  • You can view your schedule on MyNCTC > Student Services tab > My Course Schedule on the top right.
  • Both online and in-person classes will be viewable on Canvas on the first day of class as noted on your schedule. You can access Canvas through the OneLogin portal.
 Take advantage of all NCTC has to offer!

WHEN IN DOUBT, GIVE US A SHOUT! Contact your Advisor or Success Coach any time you have questions.