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Two students getting textbooks from the Corinth bookstore

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All NCTC Bookstores are under private management, operated by Follett Corporation, the nation's largest operator of college bookstores, with more than 800 locations. Follett is also the industry's premier wholesale book distributor--a leader in helping students manage the increasing cost of a college education. Whether it's a brand new sweatshirt with a college logo or a used calculus textbook, Follett has always been the place to go.

As more and more shoppers go online, Follett is there as well—it is now one of the largest online retailers on the internet. Follett's virtual bookstores provide easy online ordering of textbooks and other educational materials and merchandise and is the place to go to purchase textbooks, supplies, software and a wide variety of other merchandise ranging from clothing, caps, and backpacks to window decals and travel mugs featuring NCTC insignia.

Corinth Campus Bookstore Has Moved

The bookstore for the Corinth Campus as moved to:

1701 N Corinth Street Suite 200 (next to Domino's Pizza)
Corinth, TX 76210

Regular hours match those of the NCTC campus. For extended hours, please check the schedule.