Applying for Veterans Benefits

In order to receive educational benefits under the New Post 9/11 or other Montgomery GI Bill® Programs students must complete an application. Once this application is processed the Veterans Administration Office notifies each applicant by mail whether they qualify for benefits or not.

A "Certificate of Eligibility" is sent to those students who do qualify. This certificate tells the veteran how much and how many months of entitlement they will receive.

Students must bring a copy of their Certificate of Eligibility to the school in order to begin receiving monthly benefit amounts.

What NCTC Requires

Students using Veteran Benefits for First Time add
Students who have used Veteran Benefits Before add
Students using Veteran Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits add

Apply for VA benefits Online

Complete a Veterans Online Application. We recommend you keep a copy of your application for your records. Doing so may save you time and money!

Veteran Forms