What is Consent

Consent is voluntarily and knowingly expressing unambiguous participation in a mutually agreed upon sexual activities or any stage of sexual activity and does not include coerced submission or submission out of fear. In the absence of an individual's inability to offer resistance, say "no" or provide clear, concise and positive verbal communications and physical actions indicating approval, agreement and permission to engage in sexual activities by all parties, one should not infer or presume consent. A prior or current relationship, even if it sexual activity is/was involved, does not imply consent for future sexual activity.

Any act of sexual nature that occurs where consent is unable to be given, includes being:

  • Under the influence of alcohol, drugs, prescribed medications or other substance, or where such substance has rendered a person physically or mentally incapable of communication or making decisions about consent to acts of a sexual nature;
  • Sleep, unconscious, incapacitated or intermittent unconsciousness; underage; or impaired due to mental, developmental or physical disability;
  • Permanently or temporarily impaired due to mental, developmental or physical disability;
  • Forced through the use of physical violence, threats, intimidation, or coercion; or
  • Under the legal age to give consent.

Another Way to Understand

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