GED® Testing Information

The Testing Center at NCTC's Gainesville Campus is a testing site for the General Educational Development (GED®) test for high school equivalency. All GED® pre-registration activities are now online at Visit this official GED® site to create your online portal with access to study tools, GED® testing sites and available test dates throughout the state, as well as your scores after testing. NCTC does not have walk-in registration for GED® testing-all processes are now online.

Visit to check on availability of GED testing dates at NCTC-Gainesville Campus, or at any other GED® testing provider.

Who May Take the GED®

The GED® is offered to persons who:

  • Are not enrolled in high school
  • Have not graduated from high school
  • Are at least 18 years old*

*17-year-olds who are a resident of the state and who are enrolled in an approved in-school program to prepare for the high school equivalency exam may test, or 16-year-olds who are recommended by a public agency that has supervision or custody of the person under court order, enrolled in a Job Corps training program, or ordered by a justice of municipal court setting a truancy case may also qualify to test

Important Notice

As of January 2, 2014 the GED® Testing Series has been replaced. If you did not complete and pass ALL sections of the previous GED® (2002-2013 series) by December 2013, your previous scores are now invalid and you will be required to take ALL SECTIONS of the new GED® test. The cost of the GED® test is approximately $145.

DO NOT Bring These Items

  • Guests, visitors, pets
  • Weapons
  • Cell phones, wearable technologies
    • All watches are prohibited in the Testing Lab
  • Hats, head scarves, coats/jackets/hoodies/sweaters, large jewelry
    • Pockets are subject to inspection by Testing Center staff
  • Food, drink, gum, tobacco