Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Testing Services has not resumed testing for CLEP, GED and ATB or proctoring exams for another college or university. We hope to have more information in the weeks to come.  Please refer to for additional Testing Center information.  For the latest NCTC Coronavirus updates please visit

How do I register for the TSIA2? add

NCTC Testing Centers are currently facilitating online remote proctoring for the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA2) through our partner, Examity:


You must use the NCTC RegisterBlast portal to register and pay for your required ACCUPLACER TSIA2 Remote Voucher. This SINGLE USE voucher is the authorization ticket required to be able to schedule with our exam partner Examity.

Currently, Bowie and Graham campus students please register at

You WILL NOT receive your voucher immediately upon registering and paying through RegisterBlast.  Please allow at least three business days to process your registration.

You must plan additional time to secure an appointment with Examity. REGISTER EARLY TO AVOID MISSING ANY DEADLINES!

What does it cost to take the TSIA2? add

Current NCTC Student Testing Fees*:

  • Any 1 Section (Math or ELAR) = $25
  • 2 Sections (Full Suit: Math and ELAR) = $38.50

Current Non-NCTC Student (you are planning to attend another Texas college or university) Testing Fees*:

  • Any 1 Section (Math or ELAR) = $25
  • 2 Sections (Full Suit: Math and ELAR) = $38.50

*Subject to change.

What is my NCTC Student ID number? add

This is your OneLogin access 7 or 9 digit temporary password. If you do not have a OneLogin or are a NonNCTC student, you will register with your cell phone number.

What forms of ID are accepted? add

You must have a current (non-expired) government issued Photo ID with a recognizable photo. Please review our Accepted forms of ID.

How do I receive my TSIA2 Scores? add

The NCTC Testing Center will be notified by email upon the completion of your exam. Please note, the TSIA2 WritePlacer Essay may be initially scored as “PENDING”. Testing Center staff will report your scores to the NCTC Mane Stop/Admissions Department upon availability.

You may request ACCUPLACER to email you a link to view and print your test results through your ACCUPLACER Student Portal:


The NCTC Office of Testing Services cannot provide scores over the telephone and will not email, mail, or fax score reports to an examinee or another campus.

How often can I retake the TSIA2? add

There is no limit to how often a student can retest any or all sections of the TSIA2 to improve scores, however, applicable testing fees are required.

Download the official TSIA2 Study App for FREE!  Go to TSIA2 Study Appcreate an account, select Texas Success Initiative (TSIA2) Practice Tests and you will have access to free TSIA2 study resources! 

If I retake any part of the TSIA2 and score higher than before which scores will NCTC take? add

If a student retakes any portion of the TSIA2, NCTC will retain the highest score.

I am coming to NCTC from another Texas college or university, and I need my TSIA2 Scores from my previous institution. How do I receive those? add

If the TSIA2 test score is no more than 5 years old and you are transferring to NCTC from another Texas college or university please submit an Authorization Form for Cross Institution Score Reporting form online. Please allow up to 3 days for processing during peak periods.

How do I schedule an ATI – TEAS test? add

Currently NCTC is unable to offer the TEAS test, however, you can check to find an alternate location for your TEAS testing needs.

Please direct any questions regarding the Nursing, Allied Health, or Radiology Technology Programs to their respective contact: