Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the TSI Cost? add

North Central Texas College currently charges $15 per individual section and $35 for all TSI sections.

Do I pay for the TSI when I schedule, or the day of testing? add

You may pay for your TSI at any time between the day you make your appointment and the day of your test. However, you must pay before coming to the Testing Center for your TSI Appointment.

It is recommended that payment is made online.

Make Payments

Do I have to make an appointment to test? add

Yes ALL students, MUST make an appointment ahead of time. Walk-ins will not be accepted.

Does the Testing Center have a place for personal items? add

The Testing Center has a limited amount of space for personal items. It is recommended that all personal items not be brought into the Testing Center. Testing Center staff is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. All personal items are placed in the cubbies if space is available at the student’s own risk.

How do I schedule an ATI – TEAS test? add

Any student needing the ATI – TEAS exam will need to schedule directly through the ATI website at All information regarding the ATI – TEAS test is located on their website. For NCTC students who need special accommodations please contact Wayne Smith in the Office of Student Disabilities at or (940)-498-6404 after scheduling a date so that appropriate arrangements can be identified.

My child is home schooled, and does not have a proper ID listed. What can we use? add

Please provide a notarized copy of your students’ home school transcript.

Is there a cost for the Accuplacer College Level Math (CLM)? add

There is currently no charge for the Accuplacer College Level Math (CLM).

When will I receive my TSI Scores? add

TSI Scores are generated once a student completes their required TSI sections, and students will receive their scores the same day. The only exception is on occasion, Essay scores will be listed as “Pending.” If this is the case with your Essay score, please return to the Testing Center after one business day has passed. Test scores may not be issued over the telephone.

How do I receive a replacement/additional copy of my TSI Scores? add

You may come in person to any one of the Testing Center locations with proper photo ID to make a request. Or you may Request ACCUPLACER to email you a link to view and print your test results through your Accuplacer Student Portal. 

Accuplacer Portal

I am coming to NCTC from another Texas college or university, and I need my TSI Scores from my previous institution. How do I receive those? add

If the TSI test score is no more than 5 years old and  you are transferring to NCTC from another Texas college or university you may come the Office of Testing Services and fill out the Authorization Form for Cross Institution Score Reporting, and present an acceptable form of ID. Please allow up to 3 days for processing during peak periods.

How often can I retake the TSI? add

There is no limit to how often a student can retest any or all of the TSI to improve scores; however, applicable testing fees are required.

If I retake any part of the TSI and score higher than before which scores will NCTC take? add

If a student retakes any portion of the TSI and scores higher, NCTC will take the higher score.

How can I find my NCTC Student ID number if I do not know it? add

For students taking the TSI, we provide scratch paper for you that will have your NCTC Student ID number written on the top right hand corner.

What is my NCTC Student ID number? add

Your NCTC Student ID number is your seven-digit or nine-digit password given to you by NCTC to login to the Student Portal.

If I am a student at another university or college, or not an NCTC student and need a proctored exam, can I test with the NCTC Testing Center? add

Effective May 1st, NCTC is able to offer exam proctoring services at a rate of $35. Please contact the Testing Center at your chosen campus.

Gainesville—(940) 668-4216

Corinth—(940) 498-6435

Flower Mound—(972) 899-8335

Bowie—(940) 872-4002, ext. 5212

Graham—(940) 521-0720, ext. 7102

Can I take the TSI with NCTC if I am planning to enroll at another college or university? add

Yes, for a fee of $40 for all TSI sections. Please contact the Testing Center at your chosen campus.

Gainesville—(940) 668-4216

Corinth—(940) 498-6435

Flower Mound—(972) 899-8335

Bowie—(940) 872-4002, ext. 5212

Graham—(940) 521-0720, ext. 7102