Faculty Guidelines

The Office of Testing Services administers exams on an appointment only basis. This service extends to students who have missed exams in class, and for students who are registered with the Office for Students with Disabilities.

Faculty Responsibilities

Students are to be advised of their exams prior to the start of the semester. They must also be informed of the Photo ID requirements. Testing Services will only provide scratch paper and pencils. Students will need to provide their own scantrons, bluebooks, calculators, etc.

When sending exams, faculty are required to fill out the NCTC Testing Center Cover Sheet (one Cover Sheet per exam per student). Only the items specified will be allowed in the Testing Center. Attach Cover Sheet to the front of the exam or, if emailing, attach Cover Sheet to email.

Please send all materials at least two days prior to the scheduled testing date. It is preferred that exams are delivered in person, but materials may also be emailed to NCTC Testing Centers.

Faculty will need to make their own scoring arrangements, in addition, testing staff are not able to collect supplemental assignments to pass on to faculty, these such exchanges need to be completed between the student and his or her faculty member.

Student Responsibilities

Students are required to schedule an appointment for testing at their chosen campus in advance.  Students must make an appointment for testing at their chosen campus via the Register Blast portal or via email (Graham and Bowie locations).

Students must agree to the Testing Center Guidelines prior to testing, and must have current (non-expired) photo identification in order to test. Personal items including cellular phones and any other electronic devices are not allowed in the testing room. All electronic devices will need to be turned off prior to the student entering the test room.

Testing Services Responsibilities

The Office of Testing Services will fill out and submit a Testing Irregularity Form detailing any testing issues and/or concerns of academic dishonesty by email to the appropriate parties.

All completed exams will be emailed.  You may pick up originals of the exam during Testing Center hours. Completed tests will not be released to any other department personnel unless noted on the Testing Center Cover Sheet.


All questions or concerns should be directed to the Senior Director of Testing Services​ at (940) 498-6435 or by email at corinthtesting@nctc.edu