Student Organizations

Students that are in student organizations often times improve their leadership skills, meet other students with similar interests, and graduate more often compared to students that are not involved. Click on the red plus sign to learn more about each student organization and to find contact information.

Active Student Organizations

Black Student Union, Corinth add

The purpose of Black Student Union is to create an environment where all NCTC students of African descent as well as others can join a community and be understood. Within the confines of the community our goal is to exchange resourceful information, and raise awareness on topics including but not limited to health, academics, social issues, political awareness and culture.

Our goal as a union is to uplift, empower, support, and bring out the best in our members. We want to be proactive on our campus and in our communities, in hopes of helping these places become more diverse and aware of the world we live in.

Student Contact:TBD
Advisor Contact: Camilia Dunn

Business Professionals of America, Corinth add
The purpose of Business Professionals of America:
  • To provide opportunities for chapter members in leadership and development.
  • To unite in a common professional bond without regard to race, creed, sex or national origin of students enrolled in classes with business, information technology, and/or office occupations as their objective.
  • To develop leadership abilities through participation in career and technical education, civic, recreational, and social activities.
  • To assist students in establishing realistic employment objectives.
  • To create enthusiasm for learning.
  • To promote high standards in ethics, workmanship, and scholarship.
  • To develop the ability of students to plan together, organize, and carry out worthy activities and projects through the use of the democratic processes.
  • To foster an understanding of the functions of labor, entrepreneurial, and management organizations in the American free enterprise system.
  • To develop competent, assertive leaders in business education.
  • To develop and strengthen members’ confidence in themselves and their work.
  • To provide satisfactory social and recreational activities.
  • To foster practical application of business education, information technology, and/or office occupation skills through competition.

E-mail the President: TBD
E-mail AdvisorsDee Amaradasa and Yvonne Kirshey

Fellowship of Christian University Students, Corinth add

FOCUS creates a place for both Christian and Non-Christian NCTC students to build relationships and to learn about Christ.

Student Contact: TBD
Advisor Contact: Brad Davis

Fine Arts Organization of Bowie, Bowie add

The purpose is to create, foster and support art in our student body and raise awareness about art that we believe has cultural value.

Student Contact: Trevor Riley
Advisor Contact: Karen Davis

Horticulture, Corinth add

The NCTC Horticulture Club focuses primarily on horticulture education while promoting the NCTC Horticulture Program and its students. It will serve to enhance knowledge of the industry, meet industry professionals, introduce students to industry certifications, and build the NCTC Horticulture Program.

Student Contact: Shannon Stacy
Advisor Contact: Ashley Hartman & David Castagno

NCTC Film Club, Corinth add

The purpose of the NCTC Film Club is to bring together creative in order to create films.

Student Contact: Aalayah Woodley
Advisor Contact: Thom Talbott

NCTC Psychology, Gainesville add

Our mission is to help members of our community live happier, healthier lives, by promoting mental health, raising awareness, destigmatizing mental illness, fostering pro-social interaction, building social support, and encouraging and supporting student interest, involvement, and education in the field of psychology.

Student Contact: Kody Morgan
Advisor Contact: Ingeborg Saenz
Residence Hall Association, Gainesville add

To provide residents an organization to allow them to have a voice on campus and to promote a residence hall community.

Student Contact: TBA
Advisor Contact: Daisy Garcia

Spectrum - Alliance, Corinth add

To promote equality, diversity, and educate about LGBTQIA lives at NCTC.

Student Contact: TBA
Advisor Contact: Camillia Dunn

STEM, Corinth add

We, the members of North Central Texas College STEM Club, in order to create a place where
students can discuss their interests in science and technology, to emphasize the value of
independent thought and reasoning amongst our students, faculty, and community alike, and to
establish a fair, inclusive methodology of analyzing opinions, beliefs and known facts.

Student Contact: TBD
Advisor Contact: Nelson Lozano

Student Activities Board, All Campuses add

To promote, plan and create events at North Central Texas College.

Student Contact: Chris Iversen
Advisor Contact:
Daisy Garcia

Student Government Association, All Campuses add

To give students an input and voice to suggest activities, programs and possible improvements to NCTC in general, foster a spirit of cooperation between all NCTC employees and the student body, to assist and support the activities and projects of student organizations for the benefit of the entire Student Body, to provide the students a network of communication and leadership to represent and protect the interest of all students and the organizations represented, and to provide a visible student leadership presence at NCTC.

Student Contact: Maria Corona
Advisor Contact: Daisy Garcia

Student Nurse Association, Gainesville add

To provide outstanding education for nursing students by supporting in the advancement of the individual. The ideal instills a high level of integrity among students in their dealings with society as they strive for excellence in all endeavors.

Student Contact: SNA
Advisor Contact: Diane Neu

Students In Action, Corinth add

The purpose is to be a community service organization.

Student Contact: TBD
E-mail Advisor: Aaron Hollingsworth

Honor Societies

La Sociedad Honoraria de la Lengua EspaƱola, Corinth add

SHLE is a Spanish honor society that seeks to recognize excellence in the study of Spanish as well as promote understanding and friendship between English and Spanish speakers. Read more on the national homepage.

Advisor Contact: Sara Gottardi, Ph.D

National Society of Leadership and Success add

We are the nation's largest leadership honor society, where top students nominated by their colleges come together to identify and achieve their goals.


Advisor Contact: Daisy Garcia

Student Contact: Carter Schram


Phi Theta Kappa, All Campuses add

To recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. To achieve this purpose, Phi Theta Kappa shall provide opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.

Phi Theta Kappa, PSI IOTA Chapter

Student Contact: TBA
Advisor Contacts: Jill Swarner Erica C. Thompson

Starting a Student Organization

There are a number of student organizations that range from community service to politics to just having fun, and, if none of the student organizations sound fun, you can form your own. All you need to complete are the following steps:

  1. Find a college employee to be the advisor and seven students interested in the club.
  2. Hold a meeting to vote on a constitution, elect officers, and plan further dates to meet.
  3. Submit Constitution, Student Organization Application, and an Activity Approval Form to the Office of Student Life. The first Activity Approval form should contain all of the student organization's meeting dates, time, and location.

To view the student organization funding process visit NCTC Student Government Association.

For questions regarding how to start an organization contact

Here is a sample Constitution that organizations can base their Constitution on, all you need to do is make the appropriate changes.