Bonner Hall is the ideal location for your camp to stay while at NCTC or surrounding Gainesville, Texas area for a convention/conference during the summer.  To plan your conference and check availability, contact Daisy Garcia at

Bonner Hall is a traditional residence hall that houses 106 people between 53 bedrooms.  The building is divided into 4 wings (13 rooms on each wing with one wing having 14 rooms) each with a community bathroom.  In addition, Bonner Hall is equipped with a conference style room; two kitchenettes (for late night campers wanting to cook); four lounges; and a central lobby complete with ping-pong table and big screen television.  Outside the facility there is plenty of room for group games to go along with an open field to play flag football soccer or kickball, basketball court; picnic tables; and grill.

Summer Conference Room Rates

Bonner Hall without Linens - $45 for the first night and $10 for each additional night

Bonner Hall with Linens - $65 for the first night and $10 for each additional night

*Rates done per room (groups can use rooms by double or single occupancy)

Additional Security

If your camp would like added security, trained desk clerks/over-night Resident Assistants (RAs) can be provided for the cost of $10.00 per hour to monitor the security cameras and provide rounds during the hours which your group would like.


Great Western Dining provides catering or conference services for on or off-campus groups. Price quotes for meals served from the line, special order meals or banquet style meals will be priced differently. To coordinate meals contact Great Western Dinning's Food Service Director Mary Meacham or call at (940) 668-4224.