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Anthropology, Sociology, History, Humanities, and Philosophy


The mission of the History, Humanities, and Philosophy Department is to provide students at NCTC a strong foundation in the liberal arts that is essential for career success, leadership, global citizenship, and a lifetime of learning. The department prepares its students with a broad knowledge and understanding of the world; significant intellectual, critical thinking, and practical skills; and a strong sense of personal and civic responsibility for enriching their lives and making a difference in society. 

The Division

The Social Sciences offers a variety of courses which form an integral part of NCTC's core curriculum requirements for both the Associate of Arts and the Associate of Science degrees and are transferable to four-year colleges and universities. These courses assist students in pursuing career goals in fields such as education, information services, public administration, journalism, law, and human relations. Many of the classes also satisfy personal enrichment needs for individual students.

As a part of their regular activities faculty members also make special contributions to the intellectual and cultural life of both the college and the community. They sponsor student organizations, plan and participate in cross-disciplinary programs, collaborate with other community colleges instructors in the Texas Community College Teachers Association, and serve as resource persons for local citizens and organizations.


Anthropology is the study of human beings, their ancestors and prehistoric origins, and human diversity throughout the world. Common areas of study include human evolution, physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, archaeology, art, religion, family/kinship patterns, human migration, and political and economic systems around the world and throughout time.

NCTC offers two courses in the discipline of Anthropology that may vary by semester and campus.


History courses offer a variety of studies that emphasize interdisciplinary connections, global perspectives and multicultural experiences to help our students develop a deep understanding and appreciation of history. Several of these courses are part of the core curriculum.

NCTC offers five classes in History.  Two courses give a survey of United States History, two courses look at the history of World Civilizations, and one course is dedicated to Texas History.


The Introduction to Humanities Course is an interdisciplinary survey of cultures focusing on the philosophical and aesthetic factors in human values with an emphasis on the historical development of the individual and society and the need to create.  The topic may vary from course to course giving students a variety of options.  The topics include Human Rights, The Ancient World, The Classical Period, and Humanities & Science.



Sociology is the study of human society, culture, social institutions, social change, and social interaction. Areas of study in this field include marriage and family, gender, race/ethnicity, aging, inequality, globalization, deviance, violence, social control, education, health care, religion, poverty, urbanization, and social movements.

NCTC affords four courses in Sociology, varying by semester and campus. Each course emphasizes the fundamentals of scientific theory, methodology, social patterns, questioning commonly held assumptions, and expanding each student's intellectual horizons.

Courses in Social Sciences

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