Office of Research & Reporting

Mission, Goals, Statement of Ethics

Mission and Purpose

The Office of Research and Reporting collects and analyzes data and disseminates information designed to:

  • assist the North Central Texas College community in making informed decisions.
  • facilitate improved institutional performance and accountability. 

Goals:  The Research and Reporting Office

  • gathers, synthesizes, summarizes and disseminates College information to meet internal and external information needs.
  • conducts research to address management questions and support assessment efforts at the institutional and (in some cases) departmental levels.
  • proactively conducts specialized research that may inform policy discussions.
  • provides service, professional expertise, and consultation to College and external colleagues.
  • designs, administers, and coordinates College surveys.
  • collects and prepares peer data for benchmarking and comparative studies.
  • designs queries and gathers, troubleshoots, organizes, documents, and maintains a robust data infrastructure to support Institutional Research work.
  • Facilitates skill development for the College community in use of data tools, programming, statistics, communication, data interpretation, and best business practices in the fields of Institutional Research and Higher Education.

Statement of Ethics

In accordance with the ethical practice of institutional research, office staff members agree to:

  • operate with integrity by conducting research that is objective and uses accepted technical standards.
  • employ secure data collection and storage practices that ensure confidentiality and protects the privacy of research subjects.
  • disseminate accurate information in a responsible manner.

Major Objectives

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