College Surveys

The Research and Reporting Department coordinates the college's participation in institutional survey research for the purpose of decision-making and planning in areas such as student services, facilities, and instruction.

Vendor survey instruments often give us the option of adding a few questions of our own to the end of the survey. The final set of questions is determined by the Institutional Research Board (IRB), based on college needs and priorities. If you have suggestions for areas to include in our "local" questions for an upcoming survey, please email the Research and Reporting Department.

If you are in need of information from one of our regular surveys, please contact the Research and Reporting Department. Information that is on hand will be shared with requestors as appropriate.

Institutional Surveys


A list of current institutional surveys with their purpose, target audience, and administration periods.
Name Brief Description Target Audience Administration Periods
Athletics Program The purpose of this survey is to allow our student athletes to grade the NCTC Athletics Program in several different areas such as support provided by the athletic staff, opportunities for social development, and the overall quality of the program. Student Athletes Annually, 2000-Current
CCSSE This survey on student engagement, administered to community college students, asks questions that assess institutional practices and student behaviors that are correlated highly with student learning and student retention. Students in courses that have been randomly selected by CCSSE, excluding Dual Credit students and online courses. Annually/Bi-Annually, 2009-Current
Course Evaluations Students are given an opportunity to evaluate each course the student is enrolled in. Currently Enrolled Students Semesterly for each term/subterm.
Graduate Follow-Up This survey is administered at Graduation Ceremonies and allows graduates to rate the overall student experience at NCTC including programs and services provided as well as how well NCTC prepared the student for employment or transfer opportunities. Graduates Annually, 2000-Current
Residence Life and Food This survey requests feedback from dorm students regarding their view of both dorm life and the food services at NCTC. Dorm Students Annually, 2001-Current


A list of past institutional surveys with their purpose, target audience, and administration periods.
Organizational/Institutional Effectiveness The purpose of this survey is for NCTC to see what the perception of the college is among its work force. All Full Time Employees No longer administered
College Orientation The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback from students attending College Orientation regarding the helpfulness of the orientation session. Students attending Orientation 2000-2002. No longer administered
Custodial Services The purpose of this survey is to receive feedback from faculty/staff on the overall cleanliness of the work area and buildings. Faculty/Staff Spring 2010. No longer administered
Distance Education The purpose of this survey is to evaluate the effectiveness of Distance Education courses. Students enrolled in DE courses 2000. No longer administered
HR This survey allows employees to provide feedback regarding experiences with the Human Resources Office as well as helpfulness of the information provided by the HR Office during New Employee Orientation. New and All Employees 2002-2008. No longer administered
Institutional Research This survey assessed the faculty/staff for their perception on the functions and effectiveness of the I/R Office.   Fall 2000. No longer administered
Student Opinion The purpose of this survey is to help NCTC understand the perception of the students regarding the overall experience at NCTC including areas such as student services, academic services, facilities, environment, website, etc. Current Students 2000-2009. No longer administered