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North Central Texas College is excited to announce a new music curriculum for Fall 2021 – an Associate of Arts Degree with a Field of Study in Music. We are upgrading our course offerings to meet the needs of students who would like to begin their music degree at NCTC, then transfer to a 4-year college or university. In addition to our bands and choirs, we will be offering applied lessons, music theory, music literature, aural skills and class piano – all courses that provide the foundation for a degree in music.

Who Are We?

Our Music Department is a perfect place for students to prepare for enrolling in a school of music at a 4-year college or university. Classes in music theory, ear training, music literature, and private instruction will help students become successful and confident musicians who are ready to audition into the music programs at large, comprehensive 4-year schools.

NCTC offers many benefits for students in our area:

  • great academics
  • small class sizes
  • affordable tuition rates
  • an opportunity for students to attend college close to home.

NCTC is a 2-year Junior College; students do NOT have to be a “music major” to participate in music classes at NCTC.

All of our music classes meet on Tuesday/Thursday, so most music students take academic classes on Monday/Wednesday; NCTC does not schedule any classes on Fridays, allowing students flexibility to practice, work, or enjoy time with family on Fridays. Music students who live in Denton County commute to Gainesville twice a week for music classes and can take academic courses at NCTC in Flower Mound, Denton, or Corinth.

The hub of our Music Department is the First State Bank Performing Arts Center on our Gainesville Campus, featuring a 350-seat theatre, multiple practice rooms, a fully-computerized music learning lab, rehearsal halls, and studio/office space for our faculty.


Music Scholarships

Music Scholarships at NCTC are available to all qualified students whether they are music majors or not. Award amounts vary from $100 to full tuition reimbursement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the criteria for scholarship awards? add

NCTC music scholarships are based on merit and the needs of the various NCTC performing ensembles. Generally, awards are given for participation in Wind Ensemble, Choir, or Jazz Band. Students who major in music are eligible to receive the highest scholarship awards, and these students enroll in the appropriate classes for music theory, ear training, class piano, music literature, and applied lessons.

What is expected at the audition? add

We encourage you to prepare about three minutes worth of music for your audition. You might wish to select etudes or solo excerpts from works you have played for lessons, Region Try-Outs, Solo & Ensemble, or other performances. You are not required to use an accompanist. You may also be asked to sightread a simple excerpt.

Audition suggestions

  • Vocalists - sing at least two selections, one of which is in a foreign language.
  • Brass, Woodwinds, and Piano - perform two contrasting selections: one fast and technical, the other slow and lyrical. Wind and percussion students will be asked to perform major scales (as many or as few as you like) in a 90-second time period.
  • Percussion (concert band) - perform one selection on snare and one selection on either mallets or timpani. Jazz drum set students should be able to demonstrate various styles including swing, Latin, and rock.
  • Piano (accompanying, when available) - perform one selection of auditionee's choosing. Sightreading will be required.
When are scholarship auditions? add

Scholarship auditions are scheduled from time to time during the Spring semester. Please contact us to schedule your audition by contacting the appropriate faculty member for your area of interest.

Band — Dr. Thomas Singletary -

Choir and Piano — Prof. Shane Studdard -
When will I be notified about the results of the scholarship audition? add

The Scholarship Committee will notify you within three weeks of the audition. Results for special audition dates may take longer.

Do I have to be a music major to receive a music scholarship? add

No, but music majors receive priority in scholarship awards. Scholarship recipients agree in writing to the requirements of the scholarship which generally include the following: 1. Participation in the assigned ensemble(s); 2. Registration as a full-time student at NCTC (minimum load of 12 semester hours); 3. Maintenance of a 4.0 grade point average (GPA) in your music ensemble and an overall GPA of 2.5 in all classes.

May I receive a scholarship for more than one semester? add

Yes. Generally, students will receive their scholarship for at least four semesters, providing they fulfill the scholarship requirements.

What other types of financial aid are available at NCTC? add

Students are encouraged to complete financial aid forms that are available from the Office of Financial Assistance. This office will assist you with other types of financial assistance, some which are based on merit, others which are based on need.

Are music scholarships available for students who begin in the Spring semester? add

Awards are offered prior to the beginning of the academic year. Students who enter NCTC in the spring semester may audition for an award to begin the following fall.

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