Parents & Families

NCTC welcomes parents and families of both prospective and current students. Family is not just expected to show up at graduation, but is embraced on campus tours and visits. We applaud parental interest and appropriate involvement in their student's education and college life.

Campus Tours

Parents and families are encouraged to join their students on campus tours. Bring your questions to us directly and get a first look at where your child will receive their higher education.

Tips for Parents

If your child is a first-time college student or a Dual Credit student, you may be a little apprehensive about what to do and how to treat them. Below are some tips to help you and your student transition to college life.

  • Encourage them to do their best, let them know college is important and they can be successful.
  • Success in college will depend on their self-motivation, discipline, organizational skills, study habits, and time management. Encourage them in these areas.
  • Remind them that one hour spent in a college class requires two hours outside class reading, studying, and completing assignments.
  • College will be different from high school. They will be given a greater amount of freedom.
  • Allow them to take ownership for success and responsibility for failures.
  • Encourage them to establish open communication with their instructors. If they are experiencing challenges in a course, they will need to communicate this to their instructor. Do not contact instructors on their behalf

NCTC Police Department

A common concern for parents with college bound kids is safety. NCTC has its own Police Department with trained officers and almost two dozen security guards spread over all five campuses. A daily crime log is kept and is available to the public and students may register personal property items with the Department in case of theft.

NCTC Campus Safety