Open Records at NCTC

The Board of Regents of the North Central Texas Community College District recognizes the importance of public records as the record of the College's actions and the repository of information about the College. With certain exceptions,subject to law, NCTC policy and administrative regulations, NCTC shall make the public records of the College available for public access and duplication to requestors, in accordance with the Texas Public Information Act, found at Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code. Academic transcripts and educational records are not open records under the law. (See NCTC Student Handbook for more about FERPA.)

To request information regarding student record information such as grades, transcripts, and verifications, please Request a Transcript

To download forms and obtain important information regarding the Texas Public Information Act, view the website of the Texas Attorney General's Office.

To whom at NCTC do I address a public information or open records request?

Melinda Carroll
Senior Director of Institutional Research & Reporting
North Central Texas College
1525 W. California Street
Gainesville, TX 76240
(940) 668-3315

In what form should I submit my request?

As allowed by state law, NCTC requires that all requests for open records must be submitted in writing. (This needs to be a part of Board Policy.) If a request is submitted by postal or hand-delivered letter (rather than email or fax, see below), the law does not technically require that it be addressed to the Open Records Officer. However, there is a much better chance that such a written communication will be more quickly identified and "reasonably be judged to be a request for public information" if it is addressed to the Open Records Officer. This will also decrease the possibility of it being lost or misrouted and increase the likelihood of a more prompt response.

May I submit my request by email or fax?

Yes. However, state law provides that NCTC can designate a person who is authorized to receive e-mailed or faxed requests for open records. Because NCTC has made such a designation, the Public Information Act is only activated if an email or fax request is directed to that assigned individual. Pursuant to Section 552.301(c), Government Code, the Open Records Officer named above has been designated to receive all email and/or fax requests for public information. NCTC is not responsible for responding to email and fax requests sent to any email address or fax number other than those for the Open Records Officer cited above.

What should my open records request include?

Requests to NCTC for records under the Public Information Act must be in writing. Including the following information in your request will help ensure that you receive the information you want (this information is particularly important if you submit an email request):

Telephone Number

Describe the documents that you desire and be specific. If you don't know exactly what documents may be involved, describe the information you are seeking as specifically as possible, and NCTC will determine if responsive documents exist.

NCTC is prohibited by law from asking you the purpose of your request, but you may provide it if you believe it would help us gather the information you request.

Specify a timeframe for the documents you are requesting, e.g. "monthly financial reports issued the the college since May of this year" or "from May 1, 2011 through November 30, 2011".

How long will it take to answer my request?

As provided by law, NCTC will respond to a request for information promptly but no later than 10 business days after the request is received. The date received is "day zero," and the first business day following is "day one" of 10. It should be understood that a response issued by the college within this 10-day period may or may not constitute full compliance with the request. For example, the college may seek clarification or a narrowing of the scope of the request from the requestor; it may exercise its right to seek an Attorney General's Office opinion on whether some material requested is releasable or privileged; or, due to the scope of the request, it may simply request additional time to locate, compile, and reproduce all of the documents being requested. If extra time is needed, NCTC will inform the requestor as promptly as possible and set a date to provide it within a reasonable time.

Is there any charge for the documents I request?

Possibly, but this depends of the number of documents requested, in what form the information exists, and what processes (such as data manipulation or computer programming) may be involved in locating, compiling and reproducing them. For more information about charges for public information, go online.