Memorial scholarship to honor NCTC professor

Elizabeth F. Abu | Jan 23, 2020

kevin-henson-thumbnail.jpgKevin Martin Henson passed away peacefully at age 47 on Thursday, November 7, 2019, in Plano, Texas.  He was born on January 11, 1972, to his loving parents, Kenneth C. Henson and Kathleen Henson, in Fort Rucker, AL. Kevin Henson will be sincerely missed by his loving family, his devoted friends, and all the wonderful individuals who knew and loved him.

His parents, Kathleen and Kenneth Henson, along with their family and friends, have established the Kevin Henson Memorial Scholarship for students at North Central Texas College. Preference will be given to students who are majoring in Cybersecurity or a related Computer Information Technology field and to students who are active duty military or veterans of active service.

As a professor and cybersecurity expert, Professor Henson wore many hats. Most of them involved pushing cyber education forward.  

Professor Henson was passionate about helping his students achieve more than they believed they were capable of.  He was a natural mentor with insight across multiple disciplines. In 2016, Professor Henson was awarded the Cyber Security Educator of the Year award by Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.  

He served as a full-time instructor at North Central Texas College, where he was revamping the cybersecurity curriculum to be more hands-on and project-focused.   He taught virtualization, operating system security, advanced network detection, and related subjects.

Professor Henson challenged his students every class period to become IT professionals capable of handling any problems that came their way.  Ultimately, many students found real life as a security professional easier than solving his labs, though they would not have had it any other way.

NCTC Division chair for Information Technology and Computer Science Susan Svane said, “Kevin’s flipped classroom approach to instruction challenged our students to develop intense problem-solving skills and strengthened the depth of their knowledge and skills.  His passion for building a skilled cyber workforce showed through in everything he did, on a daily basis.”

At NCTC, Henson was instrumental in launching the college’s first Coding and Cyber Security Summer Camps in 2019. The week-long camps were packed with information and hands on experience in coding and defensive cyber security for high school students in North Texas.

“Kevin loved teaching and was truly committed to his students’ success and working to protect businesses, our community, and our world from cyber-attacks,” said Svane.

Below are some of Kevin's greatest hits courtesy of YouTube and the Blaze TV Network:                                                                        

*NOTE: Excerpts taken from an obituary by Adam Taichi Kraft, Major, U.S. Army Chemical Corps, Retired.