NCTC announces Faculty Fellows

Jane England | Oct 17, 2019

North Central Texas College History Professor Brittany Hancock, Psychology Professor Ingeborg Saenz, and Cosmetology Adjunct Amber Washington were recently selected as the TCCTA Faculty Fellows for 2019-2020.  The Texas Community College Teachers Association (TCCTA) created the Faculty Fellows program to provide specialized professional development opportunities for new faculty members who have been teaching at their respective institutions for five years or less.  Faculty Fellows participate in a variety of activities including the TCCTA Fall Faculty Leaders Conference and the Annual Convention; special leadership development programs; legislative briefings; conversations with statewide education leaders; web conferences on key issues in higher education; and an Adobe XD workshop.  Most important, the new faculty interact with colleagues from across the state and develop habits of professionalism that prepare them to formulate strategies for addressing the challenges that face community college educators.

NCTC Chancellor Dr. Brent Wallace is a strong supporter of the Faculty Fellows program. He commented, “Our enthusiasm for this program reflects and enhances NCTC’s longstanding partnership with TCCTA.  The college is committed to supporting TCCTA and encouraging participation, and we are proud that our faculty responds enthusiastically to the opportunities offered.  Currently, some of our faculty members have assumed leadership roles in the organization, including acting as session chairs, serving on statewide committees, and presenting at conferences. We hope that participation in the Fellows Program will encourage even wider involvement!” 

Government Professor Adam Ramsey, one of NCTC’s Faculty Fellows for 2018-2019, found the program informative and inspiring. He especially enjoyed“the opportunity to meet and be around statewide faculty leaders, and to gain insights into the issues affecting our future and how we are deliberating on them.  It was also nice to meet and network with fellow young instructors.” He noted, “In terms of affecting my teaching or professional activities, the experience certainly motivated me to be more involved in both local and statewide faculty activities and governance.” As a direct result of his fellowship, Professor Ramsey is currently serving on the TCCTA Professional Development Committee and is helping plan programs for upcoming TCCTA events.


Pictured left to right: Brittany Hancock, TCCTA Director Richard Moore, Amber Washington, and Ingeborg Saenz