Three NCTC Students Receive Coveted Terry Transfer Scholarship

Megan K. Jefferson | Sep 3, 2019

Three North Central Texas College students have been selected to receive The Terry Transfer Scholarship award. These students are Ana Rodriguez, Daniel McLean, and Chay’vion Moore. All three students are part of Trio Student Support Services (TRIO), a college opportunity program that supports students from disadvantaged backgrounds in their pursuit of a college degree.

Ana Rodriguez

“Being a part of TRIO has opened so many doors, academically and financially,” said Ana Rodriguez. “This scholarship will definitely give me the chance to be more involved in my studies especially because I have two kids.”

The Terry Foundation is a Houston-based scholarship program that awards scholarships to non-traditional students who are transferring from a Texas community college, or university to a designated public university within the state. Moore is currently attending The University of North Texas, and Rodriguez & McLean are both attending Texas Woman’s University.

The three students went through a multi-tier process that included an application, interview, and nomination from his or her school. This highly sought out, highly competitive scholarship totals 65% of the Scholar’s official cost of attendance, with a minimum stipend of $13,800 for both semesters. The Transfer Scholarship covers up to six full semesters, and recipients are selected based on their leadership in the community, scholastic record, and financial need.

Chay'vion Moore

“The process was nerve-wracking at first because you’re trying to win this big ole’ scholarship,” said Chay’vion Moore. “But everything ended up working out smooth, and now I’ll be able to come out of college with money instead of in debt.”

Unlike most traditional scholarship programs, Terry scholars are not selected solely upon financial needs, and a 3.0 grade point average. Terry Scholars are chosen based on their desire to succeed, well-rounded personality, and their continued leadership throughout the community. The Terry Foundation Program is centered around family and community. Scholars are expected to be involved on campus, and remain so even after they graduate.

“I felt extremely proud and overjoyed as I know that each of them deserved it very much,” said Nancy Zamora, NCTC TRIO Program Director. “It is for moments like this that we [TRIO staff] do what we do. Our students’ successes are our successes.”

Daniel McLean

The TRIO Support Services program is dedicated to increasing the graduation and retention rates for first generation, low income, and/or students with documented disabilities. The program is dedicated to providing an encouraging environment to assist in helping students achieve their educational goals.

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