Flower Mound Summit Club presents second endowment check to NCTC

Megan K. Jefferson | Jun 19, 2019

On Tuesday, June 18th, North Central Texas College (NCTC) was presented a second endowment check from the Summit Club of Flower Mound. The organization had just granted a check to NCTC last month after pledging to complete their first $13,500 Summit Club Endowed Scholarship. In total, the Summit Club of Flower Mound has donated $27,000 to the NCTC Foundation this year. North Central Texas College is thankful to have their support and is excited to see the continued impact in the community.

“The reason we are here doing this today is to create awareness,” said Vice President, Don McDaniel. “To make Flower Mound aware that this little club did this, and to challenge those organizations to do the same. You can have this type of impact.”

 “Most organizations don’t financially support higher education- not to this extent, and Summit Club has stepped up and not only done it once, but now is doing it twice,” said Doug Milbauer, NCTC Director of Development.

The Summit Club of Flower Mound is the city’s oldest fraternal organization and was officially formed to serve the city of Flower Mound in 1974. This service organization believes in coming together to help the community, despite political differences. The service club consist of local business leaders, and hard-working men, and has provided volunteer service to Flower Mound charities since the early 1970’s.

North Central Texas College was founded in 1924, as the oldest, continuous operating, publicly supported community college in Texas. Out of the 16,000 students NCTC serves across it six campuses, over 2,000 of them attend NCTC’s Flower Mound campus. Through contributions from organizations such as the Summit Club of Flower Mound, NCTC was able to give over $800,000 in scholarships last year.

If you, or your organization would like partner with NCTC, please contact Jessica DeRoche at jderoche@nctc.edu or Doug Milbauer, Director of Development, at dmilbauer@nctc.edu. All contributions are tax deductible, and help ensure quality education, and financial stability for North Central Texas College.