Rigsby graduates from NCTC Honors Program

Elizabeth F. Abu | May 21, 2019


Gainesville High School senior Matilin Rigsby is one of only a handful of students to graduate with their Associate Degrees before their high school diplomas this month. Rigsby, however, is rare as she is graduating from the North Central Texas College Honors Program.

Rigsby set lofty goals for herself early on and completed 12 hours of honors coursework as a dual credit student in order to graduate from the NCTC Honors Program.

On Friday, May 17, Rigsby walked the stage at the UNT Coliseum and received her Associate of Arts degree from NCTC.

While at NCTC, Rigsby completed various research projects for her honors coursework. Her economics project examined the investment of attending a post-secondary institution. She analyzed whether the cost of attending various colleges, majors, and degree programs is worth the financial investment and compared how these different educational choices can impact future financial success.

“This was a project I was very excited to research because I myself am a senior who has the burden of making these college decisions that could affect my entire future,” said Rigsby.

Her Economics Professor Melissa Blankenship was impressed with Rigsby’s work on her honors project.

“I think that Matilin has created a resource that would be valuable for all high school seniors,” said Blankenship. “She incorporated both the micro, or individual, aspects of the value of education, as well as the macro, or societal, aspects.”

Rigsby will attend Texas A&M University in the fall, majoring in Public Health with the intent to pursue a career in epidemiology, the research and development of solutions to global health epidemics. She has already been accepted to the honors program at Texas A&M and an into an exclusive organization, the Broad Street Society, which is a group of 20 to 30 public health students who are accepted by writing a proposal and step-by-step solution to a current public health crisis. 

“I am so thankful that my counselor, Mrs. Strait, and NCTC Professor Jill Swarner encouraged me to not only pursue my degree but also join the Honors Program,” said Rigsby, “because although the work was rigorous, I gained so much confidence by proving to myself that I could handle it. I hope more dual credit students feel motivated to get involved at NCTC by joining the Honors Program, Phi Theta Kappa, or the Student Government Association, just to name a few.”

For more information on honors courses, contact NCTC Honors Program Director Jill Swarner at jswarner@nctc.edu.