NCTC Regents call for election in May

Elizabeth F. Abu | Jan 30, 2019

Regents of the North Central Texas Community College District met Monday night and called the upcoming board election to be set for May 4, 2019. There will be three positions up for election, two full terms and one unexpired term.

The two full, six-year terms are currently held by Matt Chalmers and Christy Morris. The unexpired term is currently held by Erica Sullivan who took over after Regent Patsy Wilson resigned in August. The unexpired term will run through 2021.

The board heard an Honors Program Update from Honors Coordinator Jill Swarner and heard from three current honor students, Rae Callies, Andrea Orta, and Mati Rigsby, about their experience at NCTC.

Regents also heard an update on Achieving the Dream (ATD), NCTC’s three-year student success initiative. NCTC ATD team members Melinda Carroll, Chris McLaughlin, and Dr. Bonita Vinson presented data from the ATD findings thus far and gave recommendations to the board for 90-day action items. The ATD team recommended that NCTC define equity, define student success, develop and implement a communication strategy, and create an action plan for implementing a student mentorship program.

Vice Chancellor of Fiscal Affairs Dr. Janie Neighbors gave a Financial Report and an Annual Investments Report to the regents noting normal fiscal activity.

Regents also heard an Enrollment Report from Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Dr. John Maduko. Maduko reported that the Fall 2018 enrollment headcount was 10,575, up 1.26% from Fall 2017. Total contact hours for Fall 2018 came in at 1,677,728, an increase of 3.18% from Fall 2017. Maduko also gave a preliminary report for Spring 2019, noting a total headcount of 9,502, up 1.5% from Spring 2018, and 1,511,616 total contact hours, for a 2.3% increase from Spring 2018.

Regents approved the designation of implementation of Texas Administrative Code 19, Part 1, Chapter 4, Subchapter N, Rule 4.228, which governs internet access to course information and was derived out of House Bill 2504. They also approved updates to local district policies to update titles and match new guidelines of the federal government.

The resignation of History Instructor Robin Cole-Jett was also approved by regents.

The board did no go into executive session Monday.

Regents Matt Chalmers, Jon Grime, and Christy Morris were unable to attend Monday’s meeting.