NCTC professors chosen as Faculty Fellows

| Sep 7, 2018

The Texas Community College Teachers Association (TCCTA) is a professional association comprised of 6000 members, making it the biggest organization of post-secondary educators in Texas and the largest meeting of community college faculty in the United States.

“TCCTA is the singular most effective representative group for community college faculty,” said NCTC Chancellor Dr. Brent Wallace. “It provides fresh perspectives in instruction, faculty representation in matters of state policy, and wonderful bonds of friendship for those who are members.”

Recently, past President of TCCTA and NCTC professor of English Jane England started working as the TCCTA Campus Representative for Corinth and Flower Mound, and collaborated with Dr. Wallace and NCTC Provost Dr. Andrew Fisher to select NCTC’s first two Faculty Fellows. They selected government professor Adam Ramsey and Director of Instrumental Studies Chris McGinty.

Faculty Fellows are college faculty members who have held the position for five years of less. The members are granted registration to the Faculty Leaders Conference, Admission to the Annual TCCTA Convention, entrance for Leadership Development Programs designed for new faculty, and more.

“By participating in the Faculty Fellows program and by supporting NCTC employee attendance at various TCCTA sponsored events,” England said, “Dr. Wallace and Dr. Fisher are developing an institutional atmosphere of collegiality that encourages both full and part time employees to welcome opportunities to engage in college activities and to feel that they are a valued part of a team of exceptional professionals.”

Ramsey said the Faculty Fellows program is another example of TCCTA excelling in its commitment and ability to promote the interests of community college professors in Texas.

“I’m excited to be a part of it,” Ramsey said. “Especially early in my career, I’m most grateful for the opportunity to enhance my abilities as a teacher, network with my peers, and develop skills to better serve my students, college, and state.”

To McGinty, TCCTA offers a solid foundation to becoming integrated into a state-wide influence of educators, administrators, and policy makers.

“I’m looking forward to sharing in the positive experiences that some of my colleagues and mentors have been a part of for years,” McGinty said. “I hope to continue the shared excellence of this organization for years to come as well.”



NCTC Faculty members Chris McGinty (left) and Adam Ramsey (right) were chose to serve as Faculty Fellows for the Texas Community College Teachers Association.