NCTC faculty attend Great Teaching Round Up

Jane England | Jul 2, 2018

NCTC full-time faculty memberRobert Burton and adjuncts   Jeremy Brannon and   Carrie Adamson-Riefler recently attended the Texas Community College Teachers Association’s “Great Teaching Round Up” held at the YO Ranch Hotel in Kerrville Texas. Each year TCCTA hosts this retreat which brings together faculty from across the state and provides a relaxed, informal setting where they can exchange ideas and best practices.The attendees were selected in a drawing supervised by NCTC Provost Dr. Andrew Fisher.

Participation in the “Great Teaching Round Up” is part of the “NCTC & TCCTA Partners in Professionalism” Initiative established by NCTC Chancellor Dr. Bent Wallace and Provost Dr. Andrew Fisher in coordination with TCCTA Campus Representatives Pat Ledbetter and Jane England. Dr. Wallace noted that TCCTA is “the singular most effective representative group for Texas community college faculty” thus “partnering with TCCTA is an excellent way to promote an atmosphere of collegiality.”  

Faculty members who attended the “Round Up” were asked to prepare a 10 minute or less teaching demonstration including appropriate handouts and materials, to present examples of teaching successes and challenges, and to bring a favorite book which has made a significant impact on the individual’s personal and or professional life.  The diversity of topics and interests included in the discussions is illustrated by the books contributed by NCTC attendees: Robert Burton shared The Whole Brain Childby Daniel J. Siegel M.D. and Tina Payne Bryson; Jeremy Brannon shared Making Democracy Funby Josh Lerner: and Carrie Adamson-Riefler shared How to Read a Modern Paintingby Jon Thompson.

Professor Burton commented that “One of the more interesting things for me was the increasing emphasis on the brain and how it works, so we can better engage with students.” He noted that “as our students come to us with less maturity we as the instructors still must adapt, which means we may have to employ strategies that are unfamiliar or new to us.” Professor Burton found the conversations regarding dual credit especially informative as he learned about the “very different models of dual credit employed across the states by the ISDs and colleges.”

TCCTA Campus Representative Jane England noted that “Round Up participants invariably return to their respective campuses filled with ideas and information that they are eager to share with their colleagues and students.”  Thus, the event stimulates continuing conversations and inspires innovations in classroom management, course content, pedagogy and interdisciplinary coordination.”