NCTC Surgical Technology student receives scholarship

Kris Eckstorm | May 3, 2018

Amy BurrNorth Central Texas College Surgical Technology student Amy Burr has received a $500 scholarship from the Accreditation Review Council on Education in Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (ARC/STSA).

To obtain the scholarship, Burr had to write an essay. She said that although the money is awesome it’s the fact that she’s getting rewarded for the hard work that makes it meaningful.

“What was more meaningful to me was that I worked really hard on the essay that I submitted. I spent my entire Christmas break on this. I worked on it every three days, and I edited it and edited it and edited it,” Burr said. “When I do things, I put one hundred percent in.”

Above that, the essay competition wasn’t state-wide but nation-wide.

“I realized it was out of fifty states and out of all the school where they have surgical tech and first assist,” Burr said. “That is around four hundred and fifty schools and those schools have like thirty students each. That’s crazy.” 

Burr’s essay was about breaking the cycle of being a single mother by getting an education, balancing her finances, and giving her children a role model.

“College has always interested me, but I’ve always had a fear of ‘I don’t know that I can’ or ‘I don’t know; I’m a mom’,” Burr said. “I enrolled in a few classes. I didn’t get high scores on my math, and I had to take intermediate classes because I’ve been out of high school for six years now. I was bummed out at the time, but it was all meant to be.”

Burr said she has changed because of being in the Surgical Technology program.

“The professors can be stern,” Burr said. “They helped me realize that if you want something, it won’t just be handed to you. You’re going to have to work for it. They helped me realize who I am as a person and a mother and how to balance a career with homework, and being a mom.”

ARC/STSA will be publishing information about Burr’s career ambitions and goals. They will also be announcing scholarship winners at their AST Surgical Conference in Walt Disney Resort Orlando, FL, at the end of May.