NCTC launches Childcare Reimbursement Program

Elizabeth F. Abu | May 25, 2018

The Career Services Center (CSC) at North Central Texas College (NCTC) has launched a new program that reimburses a portion of childcare costs to those who are searching for a job or seeking to develop their employability skills.

The CSC is funded by the Texas Workforce Commission Wagner-Peyser Grant, and was established for the purpose of providing career development and job placement services for prospective and current students, alumni, and members of the community. Services at the career center are free and at each of NCTC’s five campuses in Bowie, Corinth, Gainesville, Graham and Flower Mound. These services include assistance with resumes, cover letters, career portfolios, employment and internship search, career exploration, mock interviews and more. 

Along with the many job placement services, the CSC recently launched a childcare reimbursement program, a service designed to provide financial relief to those paying for childcare while actively working to improve their employment situation. Clients enrolled in this program are not screened for income eligibility, and can either be unemployed seeking employment, employed seeking new opportunities, or simply seeking services to develop their employability skills.

“We aim to support job seekers with child care expenses during their job search. Historically, there has been little to no monies available for parents as they are doing the work of finding employment. We are very pleased that we have been awarded this grant and can step in and assist parents during the situation of juggling time and responsibilities,” said CSC Coordinator Daphne Riddle.

In order to utilize the center’s free services or the Childcare Reimbursement program, clients must be over the age of 14, eligible to work in the United States, and if male, must be enrolled in Selective Service. Childcare must be provided by a state-licensed facility or caretaker.

There are also programs available to employers to assist with recruitment and hiring needs, including the Wage Reimbursement Program. The CSC will reimburse a portion of wages for newly hired individuals that work a minimum of 5 hours a week and earn at least $10 per hour.

“The program is simple and the CSC will assist and support employers and employees through-out our partnership. We are passionate about providing work-based education to our students and beyond,” said Riddle. “The Career Services Center of North Central Texas College is honored to work with students, alumni and community members to meet their educational and career goals.”

Funding for all CSC programs are limited and only available to those who qualify. To see if you qualify and for full requirement details for all of our programs, call 940-498-6259 or visit