NCTC establishes Spanish honor society

Kris Eckstorm | May 3, 2018

North Central Texas College has established a Spanish honor society. The Sociedad Honoraria de La Lengua Española is a Spanish honor society for 2-year institutions aimed at recognizing excellence in students at the early levels of their Spanish learning. It also promotes mutual appreciation for and understanding of both English and Spanish speaking cultures.

The advisor for The Sociedad Honoraria de La Lengua Española is NCTC Spanish Professor Dr. Sara Gottardi.

“Starting last summer, I worked with our Division Chair Dr. Rochelle Gregory and NCTC Provost Dr. Andrew Fisher, to gather the required documentation and institutional support needed to receive approval for a charter. North Central Texas College is the 6th institution to be granted a charter,” Gottardi said.

This Spanish honor society will be an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of Spanish students at NCTC. 

“In the future, I hope the honor society will also organize activities to promote out of classroom learning and socializing experiences where students can use the Spanish they have learned,” Gottardi said.

Five charter members and three honorary members were inducted into the honor society. Ethan Gaston will serve as the president of the Sociedad Honoraria de La Lengua Española. 

Spanish Honor Society InductionNCTC Students Jeffrey Evans, Ethan Gaston, and Rachel Brown were inducted into the Sociedad Honoraria de La Lengua Española. Pictured left to right are Advisor Dr. Sara Gottardi, Evans, Brown, honorary member Dr. Rochelle Gregory, and Gaston.