NCTC Regents approve addition of Cross Country Team

Elizabeth F. Abu | Feb 22, 2018

Regents of the North Central Texas Community College District met Monday night and approved the addition of a Men’s and Women’s Cross Country team for Fall 2018.

Recruiting will begin immediately for seven women and seven men to complete the team. In the approved budget are four women’s partial scholarships, three women’s full scholarships, four men’s partial scholarships and three men’s full scholarships. No additional coaching staff will be required, as current staff are already qualified to coach this event.  

Vice Chancellor of Fiscal Affairs Dr. Janie Neighbors gave a financial report to the board, reporting normal fiscal activity.

Senior Director of Grants and Institutional Advancement Donna Uptergrove, on behalf of the Adult and Continuing Education Department, presented bids for contracting customized training and industrial training process videos. The board approved Sensibility Training, Inc. for both the customized training and the process videos.

The board also approved the transfer of $1 million from the General Fund to the Board Discretionary Reserves.

Dr. Neighbors also presented updates affecting Local Policies DEC, DED, and DK. All updates were approved, including changing the Thanksgiving Holiday from two days to three days.

Regents also approved the Chancellor, Dr. Wallace, and Vice Chancellor of Fiscal Affairs, Dr. Neighbors, to open and administer a business credit card program with the institution’s depository, First State Bank, issued through The Independent BankersBank, N.A. (TIB). This program will allow for a limited number of cards that would operate with a set of pre-approved merchant codes to insure only business-related charges are incurred. By paying the balance off monthly, no interest would be generated nor paid by the institution.

Contracts for all full-time faculty were approved for the 2018-2019 year, based on the recommendation of Provost Dr. Andrew Fisher.

Finally, the board approved the resignations of Machining Instructor Jeremy Carroll and Nursing Faculty Jaimie Shurden and approved the hiring of Machining Instructor Dale Roberts.

There was no executive session held. Regent Patsy Wilson and Chancellor Dr. Brent Wallace were unable to attend Monday’s meeting.