Humanities class asks help from community

| Jan 29, 2018

Throughout the spring semester, the North Central Texas College Social Science Division invites the community to join an academic humanities course focusing on the human rights movement.  Offered as a core academic class for NCTC students and through the Adult and Continuing Education Prime Timers program for community members, the class will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays in Room 803 on the Gainesville campus from 11:00 am until 12:20 pm, beginning in January and ending May 9.  The public is invited to attend any one or all of the sessions free of charge.   

As a humanities course, the class explores human rights issues through an interdisciplinary approach, including history, art, philosophy, technology, music, literature and film.  The class begins in the early modern era and Western contact with indigenous peoples, the study of slavery, and will finish with an exploration of the Civil Rights Movement the instructor, Dr. Pat Ledbetter, said.

“My goal is for both students and community members to engage actively in a conversation that has been going on for at least 500 years, an engagement that I hope they will take beyond the classroom,” Ledbetter said.

At the end of the semester, the class invites local agencies and organizations that address a variety of human rights issues to share information about their work with the entire NCTC campus community.

“Anyone working to make the world a more humane place fits my definition of a human rights activist. I feel it is important for students to know what’s happening in their own communities and how they can be involved, so I urge anyone engaged with such an organization or agency to contact me about participating in this program,” Ledbetter said.   

“This is the third course we have offered in this format,” Division Chair, Crystal Wright, said. “The first one focused on the Dust Bowl and the second concerned the Cold War era.  We got such good reception from the community that we decided to continue and hopefully expand this approach.  We feel that it enriches our students’ experience while providing a lifelong learning opportunity for the community.  If you have a Monday or Wednesday morning free, you are welcome to drop by for a single session or you may become a regular class member and attend all sessions, whatever fits your schedule.”

Anyone interested in knowing more about the program can contact either Crystal Wright or Pat Ledbetter at 940-668-7731,, or