NCTC Board appoints Wallace to Chancellor

Elizabeth F. Dieter | Sep 8, 2017

Regents of the North Central Texas Community College District held a special meeting Thursday morning to review the contract of NCTC President Dr. G. Brent Wallace.

The board voted unanimously to give Wallace the new title of Chancellor.

“The purpose of this move is to fall in line with other community colleges with multiple campuses,” said Board Chair Karla Metzler. “This model positions the College for further growth and communicates the leadership of the College is system wide, not campus specific.”

As a result, the following title changes were also made: Dr. Andrew Fisher, Vice Chancellor of Instruction, Dr. O. John Maduko, Vice Chancellor of Student Services, Dr. Janie Neighbors, Vice Chancellor of Fiscal Affairs, Debbie Sharp, Vice Chancellor of External Affairs, and Robbie Baugh, Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs.

Regents also announced a one-year extension to Wallace’s contract, extending it through August 31, 2020. The contract includes a 3.5% increase, in line with what the Board approved for all other faculty and staff. The Board also determined to allocate a car allowance of $800 per month for Wallace.

“We appreciate all of the leadership that Dr. Wallace and his staff provide the College as we continue to keep our 2017 motto of ‘Students First’,” said Metzler. “In addition, we are extremely proud of the continued enrollment growth; it is clear we do great things working together.”

All regents were present for Thursday’s meeting.