NCTC Stands Together

Hatred and discrimination are unfortunately not new. In light of the current climate in our country due to racially motivated violence and bigotry, we want to offer the NCTC community a space to voice their truths. In order to know where to go next, we need to know where others have been.

Tell us your stories, your challenges, your dreams, by submitting them here. You can submit a video or simply submit anonymous feedback. We want to and we NEED to hear your voices. Your stories will be anonymous unless you click below to share your contact information. As an institution, we emphatically commit to command respect for our entire campus community. Please hold us accountable in our service to you and to others and we will navigate the present together to fight for a kinder future.

Now more than ever it is important to take care of yourself and recognize all you may be feeling and experiencing-telling your story may even heighten your emotions. Please consult our Counseling and Mental Health Resources