Samantha White

“Professor Rochelle Gregory has been an inspiration for me.  She is an English professor here at NCTC, and she is just the kind of professor I would want to be one day.”

Sam White grew up in a small town near Houston, Texas, and was homeschooled her whole life, alongside her three sisters and two brothers.  After moving to North Texas during her high school years, Sam opted for the smaller class sizes and affordability of NCTC when it came time for college.

NCTC has been an “affordable and accessible education option” for Sam. “If NCTC was no longer available for me, I would not only financially struggle to get through college at a larger university, but I would also be pushed into a larger class atmosphere than I'm ready for right now,” said Sam.

Sam plans to go on to earn a Master’s Degree and wants to become a professor. She is inspired by NCTC English Professor Dr. Rochelle Gregory. Sam said that Dr. Gregory is “just the kind of professor I would want to be one day.”

As a professor, Sam wants to influence and empower her students and give them hope and confidence in their abilities.