Student Lion Tales

Ragan Montero

Meet Ragan

“School is different for everyone, but for me, coming back has been life changing...”

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Jonathan Dillenberg

Meet Jonathan

“In studying, I have found refuge from the struggles of daily life.”

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Jacob Nevin

Meet Jacob

“Without NCTC I would have to go to straight to a university which would be much more difficult ...”

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Meet Samantha

“Professor Rochelle Gregory has been an inspiration for me. She is an English professor here at NCTC, and she is just the kind of professor I would want to be one day.”

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Alexis NieMiera

Meet Alexis

“With its affordable online classes, NCTC has made my dream ...”

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Meet Sapphira

“NCTC provides so much help for us, in order to make us succeed.”

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Meet Bridget

“My time at NCTC has been rough due to personal problems but the school itself has helped me stay encouraged and believe that I still have a chance to finish school no matter what my circumstances are! The staff is truly super awesome!”

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