Alumni Lion Tales

Itzel Tapia

Meet Itzel

“I wanted a smaller campus, where I wouldn't get lost in the crowd, to start my education.”

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Hugo Alvarez

Meet Hugo

“Find one goal and make that your priority.”

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Julianne Murrah

Meet Julianne

“These challenges have given me the confidence I need to pursue any goal I make for myself ...”

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Meet Diane

“I think the challenges I faced in my academic career will make me more sensitive to students with challenges ...”

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Karen Davis

Meet Karen

“Earning a college education helped my family economically and encouraged my son ...”

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Noel Rodriguez

Meet Noel

Noel is an NCTC student who was referred to Career Services and was offered an internship at Dixon Water Foundation in Leo, Texas.

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Katherine Fine

Meet Katherine

Katherine is an NCTC alumni from the Surgical Technology program. She was referred to Career Services after her company commenced in a large layoff.

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