Hugo Alvarez

Hugo Alvarez

“Find one goal and make that your priority.”

Hugo Alvarez is an alumnus of NCTC, currently working on his degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also works for the college in the Information Technology department as an Audio-Visual Technician.

In high school, Hugo was fearful of going to college. His family didn’t have the money to pay for his education and he knew that going into debt for his education would put a burden on him, as well as his family.

His advice for students is not to do too much at once. “Find one goal and make that your priority,” said Hugo, “and always make sure that you plan for things financially. Have an emergency fund for family and transportation. No one enjoys missing class because their car decides to break down on the highway.”

When Hugo first came to NCTC he said the staff helped him through everything. “I am extremely grateful to NCTC for the education in my career and for my life in general,” said Hugo. “I will ensure that I use what I learned to provide a successful future for me and my family.”