Itzel Tapia

Itzel Tapia

“I wanted a smaller campus, where I wouldn't get lost in the crowd, to start my education.”

Itzel Tapia earned her Associate of Arts from North Central Texas College in 2018 and is currently enrolled at The University of Texas at Dallas, studying Computer Science and Engineering.

Itzel chose NCTC for the small campus size, where she wouldn't get lost in the crowd, and the affordability compared to a university.

Once on campus, Itzel quickly realized that the sense of community on campus is very strong at NCTC. “The sense of community on campus is surreal,” said Itzel. “As I got to know my peers, I realized that everyone has their own ‘backstory’ and we all have big dreams. Many students have overcome great obstacles to enroll in college, and NCTC has made the process smoother and hassle-free.”

At NCTC Itzel could feel that her professors cared about her success and were personally invested in helping her learn the material and succeed in the classroom. “Professor Evgenia Manolova left a lasting impact and I truly enjoyed her lectures,” said Itzel. She also noted that the administrators and staff at NCTC were “warm, personable and helpful.”

Itzel doesn’t know where she would be today if it wasn't for everything that she received at NCTC. “My education, the friendships, the inspiration, the burning desire to give back to my community, and most importantly the strength to have faith in myself are all things I received from NCTC."