Speech 1315 Honors Subject Guide

Specialized Topic Guides

Recommended Resources

  • Academic Search Complete 
    A general database great for scholarly journals on nearly any topic. Pro-Tip: For demonstrative speeches, search for "do it yourself" as a Subject. (This database is accessible off-campus via MyNCTC).
  • American Rhetoric
    Featuring full-text, audio, and video clips of the top 100 significant speeches of the 20th century, movie speeches, and an Online Speech Bank database of over 5000 speeches, sermons, lectures, debates, etc.
  • Bartlett's Quotations
    This classic work provides hundreds of useful quotations that can be used to punch up your speeches or any other writing project. 
  • CountryWatch
    Use this database to discover economic, environmental, political, and cultural information about most countries in the world. (This database is accessible off-campus via MyNCTC).
  • Famous Quotes & Authors
    This is another great source for quotations and author information that can be used to spice up any speech or writing project.
  • Food Network
    Recipes are a great source for demonstrative speeches. The Food Network provides recipes and other useful culinary information from the world's most famous chefs and home cooks.
  • Food Reference
    This treasure trove of culinary information is maintained by a professional chef.
  • Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints
    This database is specifically designed for persuasive/argumentative projects by presenting all sides of a wide variety of topics. Pro-Tip: Use the "Browse Issues" link at the top of the page to find a topic if you having trouble finding one (This database is accessible off-campus via MyNCTC).
  • Gourmet Sleuth
    This site provides a wide variety of culinary information and recipes that would be useful for a demonstrative speech. 
  • How Stuff Works
    This website is particularly useful for information on demonstrative topics. It provides useful "how tos" on a wide variety of projects. 
  • Rhetorical Analysis
    This useful explanation of what a Rhetorical Analysis is and how it works is provided by the University Writing Center at Texas A&M University. 
  • What in the World is a Rhetorical Analysis?
    This handy guide on what Rhetorical Analysis is (and is not) was produced by Tutorial Services at North Carolina State University.