Psychology Study Guide

The type of resource below is a list of authoritative sources available on this topic, such as books available at the NCTC Libraries and Internet resources.


Search the Catalog. Use the NCTC Library catalog to search all NCTC campuses for books, DVDs, and more. Search by keyword, subject, series, title, or author. The call number and location indicate where the item is located.

Suggested Search Terms

  • Addiction
  • Brain Science
  • Carl Jung
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Emotions
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Intelligence Tests
  • Marriage and Family
  • Mood Disorders
  • Moral Development
  • Personality Psychology
  • Psychopathology
  • Psychotropic Drugs
  • Schizophrenia
  • Sigmund Freud


NCTC provides subscriptions to thousands of journals, magazines, newspapers and other credible sources of information through research databases.

Note: These links only work ON-CAMPUS. To access the databases off-campus, go the Library Databases page within MyNCTC.

Suggested Databases

Academic Search Complete
This scholarly collection offers full-text coverage in many areas of academic study including psychology and all of its sub-fields.

EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Browse over 950 academic titles in psychology, or search for a specific psychology topic in our comprehensive eBook collection.

ERIC (Education Resource Information Center) is one of NCTC's education databases. ERIC is an excellent source of information on developmental psychology, learning, and cognitive science.

Family Studies Abstracts
Family Studies Abstracts provides articles relating to the field of marriage and family therapy, in addition to other relevant areas of family studies.

MEDLINE is one of many health and nursing databases NCTC offers. This database and others in the health and nursing category include peer-reviewed journal articles in psychiatry and psychology.

Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection
This database is the first place to look for any peer-reviewed academic journal articles in the field of psychology. You will find original research and analysis on topics like personality, experimental methods, psychological tests, abnormal psychology, and more.

Internet Resources

AllPsych is one of the largest and most comprehensive psychology websites available. It includes a timeline of the history of psychology, biographies of important people in psychology, and information on careers in psychology.

APA - Monitor on Psychology
On this website you can read the American Psychological Association's monthly magazine "Monitor on Psychology" for free. Learn about the issues psychologists are dealing with today.

Assessment Psychology
Assessment Psychology is one of the premier websites for information on psychological testing. It includes resources for students, patients, therapists, and educators.

BehaveNet - Full Text of the DSM-IV-TR (for historical use only)
BehaveNet provides the full text of the DSM-IV-TR online for free. Please be aware that the DSM-V is now in use and many diagnostic criteria have changed between these two editions, particularly in the case of Autism Spectrum Disorders. The publishers and editors of the DSM-V have decided to not allow any free full text republications online.

Cogprints is an archive of academic papers that are relevant to the study of cognition (how we know or perceive something). Included are papers in the field of psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, computer science, philosophy, biology, medicine, and anthropology. Click "Browse by Subject" to find articles by subject area.

ITS Psychology Dictionary & Glossary for Students
The ITS Psychology Dictionary & Glossary defines over 1,200 terms in psychology and neuroscience. It also includes information about important pioneers in the field of psychology.
The MentalHelp website provides overviews of mental disorders and mental health issues currently in the news. You can also find information on wellness, how physical health affects mental health, and information on effective treatments and interventions.

National Alliance on Mental Illness
The National Alliance on Mental Illness is a national non-profit organization dedicated to destigmatizing mental illnesses and furthering meaningful research for effective therapies and coping strategies. The NAMI website has an abundance of educational resources on all types of mental illnesses.

National Institute of Mental Health
The National Institute of Mental Health provides up-to-date news and information on mental health - from educational resources and outreach services to research on psychotropic drugs and the brain, the NIMH has it all.

Social Psychology Network
The Social Psychology Network is the largest website on the Internet devoted to social psychology.


TED Talks - Psychology
Watch noted psychologists and researchers explain important psychological concepts and discuss new breakthroughs on the TED Talks Psychology web page.

Yale Courses - Introduction to Psychology with Paul Bloom
This series of 20 videos from Yale University presents a comprehensive introduction to the study of the human mind. These videos cover neuroscience, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, and clinical psychology.