Literature Study Guide

The type of resource below is a list of authoritative sources available on this topic, such as books available at the NCTC Libraries and Internet resources.


Search the Catalog. Use the NCTC Library catalog to search all NCTC campuses for books, DVDs, and more. Search by keyword, subject, series, title, or author. The call number and location indicate where the item is located.

Suggested Search Terms

  • African American Poetry
  • Beowulf
  • Creative Writing
  • Epic Poetry
  • Fairy Tales
  • Fantasy Literature
  • Geoffrey Chaucer
  • Gender and Literature
  • Gothic Literature
  • Greek Drama
  • Latin American Literature
  • Medieval Literature
  • Romantic Literature
  • Russian Literature
  • Science Fiction
  • Shakespeare
  • Victorian Literature


NCTC provides subscriptions to thousands of journals, magazines, newspapers and other credible sources of information through research databases.

Note: These links only work ON-CAMPUS. To access the databases off-campus, go the Library Databases page within MyNCTC.

Suggested Databases

Book Review Digest Plus
Book Review Digest Plus is the best choice for finding scholarly reviews of novels, short stories, and poems. Unlike book reviews found on much of the Internet, Book Review Digest Plus is comprised entirely of academic reviews.

EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Browse over 2,000 full text eBooks in literature and literary criticism, or search for your specific subject in this eBook database.

Gale Literary Sources
An integrated research experience, Gale Literary Sources brings together Gale's premier literary databases in a new digital environment that allows researchers, faculty and students to search across these resources to discover and analyze content in entirely new ways.

Humanities Full Text
Humanities Full Text covers many areas in the arts, including, but not limited to, literature. In addition to scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles, Humanities Full Text offers interviews, reviews, and primary texts.

JSTOR is a vast database that houses numerous articles in a variety of disciplines. JSTOR is particularly well-suited for those needing academic articles and primary sources in literature.

Literary Reference Center
Literary Reference Center is a database of academic articles, reference works, book reviews, author interviews, full text classic works, and much more.

Twentieth Century Poetry
Twentieth Century Poetry consists of two different databases: Twentieth Century American Poetry and Twentieth Century English Poetry. In each of these respective databases, you will find full text poems and detailed biographies of poets from the twentieth century.

Internet Resources

18th Connect: Eighteenth-Century Scholarship Online
18th Connect is a massive searchable database consisting of numerous high-quality digital archives. You will find primary texts and peer-reviewed secondary texts as well.

Annenberg Learner: Literature
The Annenberg Learner website provides a wealth of resources for students and educators alike. The Literature section is divided into five areas: Poetry, Drama/Film, Multicultural, Non-Fiction, and Fiction. Each of these major areas has submenus that you can choose from. You will find interactive timelines, videos, author biographies, and more.

Electronic Poetry Center
The Electronic Poetry Center is a large resource for finding poetry on the web. It includes written and spoken poems. You can also learn about the poets featured by clicking on Author, and then locating the poet of your choice in the alphabetical list.

Internet Sacred Text Archive
The Internet Sacred Text Archive is a resource to read sacred texts from around the world for free. Included are texts sacred to all the world's major religions, as well as texts from many esoteric traditions. The site is not affiliated with any one religious group, organization, or movement.

LibriVox is a free audiobook website, owned and operated by Project Gutenberg. The emphasis is on classic works of literature and poetry, but you will find non-fiction works as well.

MESA: Medieval Electronic Scholarly Alliance
MESA is a large searchable database of medieval texts that have been digitally archived online. You can locate sermons in their original Latin, illuminated manuscripts, poetry, medieval musical scores, and high-quality images of art from the medieval time-period as well.

NINES: Nineteenth-Century Scholarship Online
NINES, which stands for Networked Infrastructre for Nineteenth-Century Electronic Scholarship, is a large searchable database consisting of several digital archives. From Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson, to Edgar Allan Poe and the work of women British Romantic poets, you can find a wealth of scholarly resources on the NINES website.

Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg was the first provider of free eBooks on the web. It continues to be one of the best sources for free eBooks to date.

Romantic Circles
Romantic Circles is a peer-reviewed scholarly website devoted to the study of the Romantic time period literature and culture. In addition to primary and secondary texts, Romantic Circles also has audio files of interviews and lectures, images of Romantic-period art, and peer-reviewed literary criticism (found under the heading Praxis Series).

The Victorian Web
A vast resource of primary and secondary literary texts focused on Great Britain in the in Victorian Age (1837 to 1901). In addition to literature, The Victorian Web includes information about history, religion, science, art, architecture, music, and theater.