Student Testimony

Roseli Godoy Doty

As a non-traditional student, the NCTC Honors program was a real blessing to me. It helped to catapult me to the next level of my goals and dreams.

I am currently in the psychology program at Texas Woman's University, and I have been enjoying the benefits of Honors Studies at NCTC ever since transferring. From the research projects to the preparations for board presentations, bibliographies, internships, and lessons on time management and self-discipline, the Honors program laid out a great foundation for my success.

I can only say great things about the NCTC Honors program and encourage anyone who wants to take the extra mile and learn the way of excellence in academic performance, as it will only bring benefits to the next levels of education, as well as makes you more marketable academically and professionally.

Roseli Godoy-Doty, Honors Graduate, Spring 2015

Austin HammondI found out about the Honors program during my first semester at NCTC. Honors helped me meet my goals academically and connected me with a great group of fellow scholars and professors. My goal at NCTC was to finish as an Honors graduate, and it was one of the most fulfilling things to walk across the stage with my Honors medal.

Now, I am at TWU's prestigious and highly competitive Honors Scholars Program, with a full ride, working on my Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a focus on graduate school. Without Honors, I don't know if I would have made it this far. The honors classes really shaped who I am as a student and the people you meet along the way not only become your friends but a great support team as well!

Austin Hammond, Honors Graduate, Spring 2015

Rafael Mora

I have been part of the Honors Program for four semesters, and it is amazing. It has provided me with the necessary tools and motivation to continue my education. As an honors student, I have been able to establish great relationships and friendships.

Each semester, we are required to do a research paper. This research paper has made me a better, more motivated, and professional student.

As a minority student, the NCTC Honors Program has made me believe that everything is possible and that each student, regardless of race, sex, or nationality, can achieve the same success. I would like to thank Dr. Gregory and all NCTC Honors staff for their great job, and I hope, that each year, the program continues to grow.

Rafael Mora, Honors Graduate, Spring 2016


I have been a part of the Honors Program for four semesters. The Honors Program not only motivated me to make the best of my academic potential and gave me the opportunities to make it happen.

The research component has been intense, but as I apply to my dream schools and really start falling in love with my career goals, I am extremely grateful for the in depth experience I have had with writing and presenting research papers. I feel like without the research component, I would be missing out on an advanced, academic challenge that I wouldn't find in my college courses alone.

Without the Honors Program, I can honestly say that I would have never found the confidence to apply for my dream school. Working with the advisers and fellow honors students in addition to the overall experience of being in Honors have been a priceless stepping stone towards becoming the best student I can possibly be.

Lucy Candelario, Honors Graduate, Spring 2016