Simulation Center & Labs

An Authentic Training Experience
  • Checking Patient Vitals in the Simulation Lab
  • Nursing Students with Instructor
  • Technician working on and monitoring the simulation

Mission Statement

NCTC’s Simulation Center and Labs practices innovative teaching methods in safe, experiential learning environments that promotes student growth in clinical judgment, critical thinking skills and the development of a holistic approach to healthcare delivery. The foundation of our center and labs emphasizes the importance of providing safe patient care based upon best practice standards.

Our Vision

We are part of a team of educators that passionately work towards our goal of producing successful graduates that will become highly competent and compassionate healthcare providers.

Simulation Center & Labs

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare defines simulation as an educational technique that replaces or amplifies real experience with guided experiences that evoke or replicate substantial aspects of the real world in a fully interactive manner.

Use of Simulations & Facilities

We serve health sciences students at every level of their educational endeavor at NCTC. NCTC’s Simulation team guides and supports all simulation offerings on the Gainesville, Corinth, Bowie, and Graham campuses. Students will engage in interdisciplinary simulations involving collaboration with our Nursing, EMS, Surgical Technology and our Radiology Technology programs.


Our simulation facilities include the 5000 square foot Simulation Center and additional simulation labs based out of our Gainesville Health Science Center. Other Simulation Labs are on our Bowie, Corinth, and Graham campuses.

These simulation facilities leverage a range of high fidelity simulators from manufacturers such as Laerdal and Gaumard that are used in delivering simple to complex simulated scenarios.  Other technologies include Omnicell medication and supply bins, the SimChart electronic health record (EHR), iSimulate tools for standardized patient usage and a full implementation of bedside computers and laptops.