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Scholarship & Essay Tips

Helpful Articles to Applying for Scholarships

Writing your essay or personal statement portion of a scholarship application is both the most important and the most intimidating step in the process. Though the task may seem daunting, there are five easy things you can do to improve your essay, make it stand out from the crowd, and increase your chances of earning the scholarship.

Stand Out

Even for the smallest of scholarships, committees must dig through dozens (sometimes hundreds) of applications, just to find the right match. In order to consider each application, screeners often develop a short-hand system whereby they automatically reject applications for making obvious errors. As you complete your own application, carefully consider common mistakes.

Don't Doom Yourself

A letter of recommendation is an important tool in the scholarship application process and finding the right person to write your reference letter can help you find success in your efforts. So, how do you know whom to ask? In general, you should look for individuals who have special knowledge regarding one or more areas about you.

Choose Someone

[...] American colleges award more than $46 billion in scholarships and grants to students. Despite the immense amount of money awarded, millions of American students still pay for their education out of their own pockets or by financing tuition with student loans. The reason so many students miss out on scholarship opportunities is because of five destructive myths they believe about the scholarship process.

Don't Believe These

Four Areas to Highlight on your Scholarship Application from a Reviewer's Perspective

[...] as reviewers, we pour through numerous sub-standard applications, and students miss out on funding opportunities as a result. So what are some of the areas that send up red flags and disqualify applicants from earning scholarships? Let’s have a look at these important areas and learn how to highlight them on your next scholarship application.

Highlight These

Identifying and Presenting Financial Needs

Many scholarship applications include space for you to identify financial need. This is one area that scholarship applicants either tend to leave blank or describe in a manner that negatively reflects on them. Here are some tips to present your financial need in a way that will benefit your application.

Identify & Present

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