Graphics Standards & Guidelines

The strength of the NCTC brand depends on how well we are able to spread the word about who we are—in terms of our unique institutional mission and the programs and services we offer.

That’s because every one of us directly impacts how others—students, prospective students, parents, school counselors, our communities, private industry, and even legislators—perceive North Central Texas College. It’s absolutely essential that our college’s identity, our NCTC brand, is reflected consistently in every form of communication that reaches the public—whether it’s your business card, a promotional poster or flier, a brochure, an email, a web page, a social networking site, or even a t-shirt.

Providing a resource to help staff achieve that consistency is precisely what this NCTC Standards Guidelines Manual is all about. As we work together to shape NCTC’s public image, let us all remember that consistency is key.


This NCTC Standard Guidelines Manual is intended to serve as a resource for staff, clearly setting forth guidelines for representing and establishing the North Central Texas College “brand.” In particular, this manual addresses the correct use of officially adopted logos and insignia, typography, colors, layouts and other graphic elements in all media, publications and communications order to maintain a high level of consistency system-wide.

While logos and graphics are important, it is understood that branding involves much more and that many other factors contribute to our “reputation” and the general perception of NCTC among students, prospective students, and the public. Still, the importance of the graphic representations of our NCTC brand is very great. It is hoped that all NCTC employees will consult this manual often and follow its directions consistently.

North Central Texas College

The College Name

The full name of the institution*—North Central Texas College—should be used in the first text reference in any external publication, including press releases, brochures, fliers/posters, newsletters, correspondence, web pages, etc. Subsequent references (in the same piece) may be made to NCTC; however, exercise caution and restraint with this acronym. While easily recognized by staff, students and those familiar with our college, that may not be the case with some external audiences.

Example (Press Release):
Officials at North Central Texas College announced this week that enrollment is at an all-time high for the fall semester. It is the fifth consecutive term that NCTC has posted a record number of students signed up for classes.

Example (Brochure):
The Petroleum Technology Program at North Central Texas College, available at the Bowie and Graham Campuses, offers industry-prescribed courses leading to either an Associate of Applied Science Degree or a Certificate of Completion. Many academic support courses for this program can be completed at the other NCTC campus locations—Gainesville, Corinth, and Flower Mound.

*The official name of the college district is the North Central Texas Community College District; however, this is used only in official legal documents, policies, copyright notices and the like and is rarely, if ever, used in other publications or communications.

The Official College Seal

It is extremely important to understand that the North Central Texas College logo and the official seal of the
North Central Texas Community College District (shown below) ARE NOT THE SAME and are not to be used

NCTC Official Seal
NCTC Official Seal White on Black
NCTC Official Seal Black on White
NCTC Official Seal Blue

The college seal is to be used ONLY on official documents, forms, proclamations, diplomas, and some college stationery (such as that used by the Chancellor). Other uses of the official college seal are permissible only with approval from the Office of the Chancellor or the Office of Marketing & Public Relations.

PMS Blue 287 C - 100, M - 75, Y - 2, K - 18 R - 0, G - 70, B - 139
Dark Green C - 100, M - 70, Y - 100, K - 0 R - 26, G - 90, B - 64

The North Central Texas College Logo

Our logo (shown below), is officially registered* as a trademark of North Central Texas College. Its unauthorized use in any form is therefore strictly prohibited. Any vendor or other third party not associated with NCTC as an employee, may use the NCTC logo only with permission and only under very limited circumstances. In most cases, permission to use the logo will NOT be granted for use with solicitations (e.g., brochures, circulars, etc.) of staff or students by any third party for merchandise or services. For more information contact the Office of Marketing and Public Relations at (940) 668-4274.

*By the U.S. Trademark & Patent Office

This is to confirm that the application for NORTH CENTRAL TEXAS COLLEGE & Design was filed in the United States Patent and Trademark Office on October 23, 2017 and is proceeding under Application No. 87656450.

NCTC Logo Two Color
NCTC Logo One Color - Black
NCTC Logo One Color - Blue
NCTC Logo One Color Reversed - White on Blue

How Many Logos Does NCTC Have?

There is just one officially recognized college logo (shown below) * Figure 1. However, there are anumber of authorized variations on this design, including various departmental logos (shown below) Figure 2.Any variation of the college logo design other than those pictured in this manual is not permitted.

Figure 1
Figure 2

Official Color

North Central Texas Official Color is blue. The red in the NCTC logo is included in the logo design as an accent color only.

Pantone Colors - Blue and Red

Font for NCTC Logo

Logos, Graphics Available

Electronic copies of the logo and all authorized variations (using correct PMS colors*) are available—in high
resolution versions for print and lower resolution versions for use on the web, email and with presentations from the the Office of Marketing & Public Relations.

Colors for Web Pages

For web pages, the PMS colors specified above should be designated by what is called their ”hexadecimal equivalents.“ These ”hex numbers“ may not and probably won’t exactly match the NCTC red and blue when compared to a printed publication.

NCTC Web Blue
Hex #00468B

NCTC Web Red
Hex #EE284

*What is PANTONE and why is it important? – PANTONE is the worldwide standard among printers and graphic designersfor color identification. PMS stands for PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM. By designating the PMS color codes specifiedbelow, your colors will always be consistent when you send a piece to be printed or have the logo reproduced on promotional items. Always provide the numbers specified below for NCTC logo to printers and manufacturers. When specific ink formulas cannot be used, vendors shouldbe asked to match as closely as possible the logo colors provided in this manual.