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The English, Speech, and Foreign Language department strives to prepare students for success in academic transfer courses in three major areas of study.  Our faculty members, many with doctoral degrees, bring a variety of perspectives to the classroom, as well as a depth of teaching experience to benefit our students. The ESFL division offers courses on each of our five campuses, on dual credit sites, and online.


Of the six academic areas in the Department of English, Speech, Foreign Languages, English is the largest with 21 full-time faculty members and more than 60 part-time instructors. Nearly every program at NCTC requires students to take some English courses, including developmental education, first-year composition, technical and creative writing, and literature courses.


NCTC's Speech courses focus on the most relevant forms of communication beginning with studies in the theories and practice of communication in interpersonal, small group, and public speaking.

Public Speaking focuses on the process of oral communication and its relation to communication with an emphasis on extemporaneous speaking in both individual and group formats.

Interpersonal Communication introduces communication concepts and provides speech interaction in one-to-one and small group situations. Interpersonal communication helps students understand how to address communication barriers and promote conflict resolution, necessary for leadership and decision-making. The course also emphasizes interpersonal perception and listening skills related to self-concept.

Business and Professional Communication studies the theory and practice of speech communication in the workplace.  Emphasis is placed on interpersonal communication, technique, leadership strategies, small group communication, and conflict management. The course also teaches students the skills necessary to conduct successful interviews, build teams, problem solve, and give formal presentations.

Foreign Language

Foreign language courses at North Central Texas College teach language learners international varieties of each language to meet two goals: Developing students’ linguistic ability and fostering cultural awareness and appreciation to strengthen community ties. Classes teach language through the four communicative skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing. These classes are designed to fulfill core requirements, provide a foundation for advanced language study, and meet transfer equivalencies for various majors and minors.

Courses in English, Speech & Foreign Language

Creative Writing Contest

North Central Texas College recognizes nearly fifty winners in several divisions and categories at the annual Creative Writing Contests every year. These contests feature poetry, short stories, and essays for middle school, high school, and college students. Also, adult categories are available to non-professional writers. Submissions may be sent to the English Department by late February.  Winning entries receive cash prizes and are published in The April Perennial, the NCTC literary magazine. Pick up a free copy of the magazine at any NCTC library. The annual awards ceremony held in April at the First State Bank Center for Performing Arts features a professional writer every year!


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