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How do I access my NCTC email account? add

Your official e-mail account will be set up and must be activated before you can use it. All official school business will take place through this account. You should contact your instructor if you are unsure of its use in the classroom.

  • Faculty may use this email account in addition to the Canvas (eCampus) conversations Inbox.
  • You are responsible for checking this email address for official business and any classroom use.
  • To access to your account, you must first complete your account profile.

Activate Your NCTC Email

  1. Access OneLogin
    • A OneLogin Guide, with Instructions and Video Walkthroughs, are available to assist in accessing and using OneLogin.
  2. Enter your email address as the username, which will be your MyNCTC User Name.
    For example, SmithJ123456
  3. Enter your MyNCTC Password as the password.
    Your default MyNCTC password will either be 9 digits or 7 digits.
  4. Access your App Portal and click on “LionPride - Student Email”

Transfer All NCTC Emails to Your Personal Email Address

This task is only necessary if you choose to only check one email account and would prefer that email address to be your own personal email account.

  1. Log into your Lion Pride email account.
  2. Access the "Settings" menu by clicking on the cog symbol at the top right corner of the page.
  3. Select "Options".
  4. On this page, you should see the options for "my account" and "connected accounts". Select "connected accounts".
  5. On this page, look for the section marked "forwarding".
  6. Type the email address of the account where you want your messages to be sent.
    If you want the message to remain in your Lion Pride inbox, leave the checkbox checked. If you only want the message to be available at the forwarded address, uncheck the box.
  7. Click "Start Forwarding".

Any email received on your Lion Pride email account now automatically forward to the specified email address.

How do I access CANVAS? add

CANVAS is the online learning environment/classroom used at NCTC.

Links to Canvas can be found at the top of NCTC's website and on MyNCTC.

Logging Into Canvas

Access to CANVAS is created 24-48 hours after registration for classes is complete.

Your CANVAS log ID credentials:

  • Your NCTC UserName (emailed to you when your application was received at NCTC)
  • Your CANVAS password is your student lD (also emailed to you when your application was
  • When you first log into CANVAS you will be prompted to change your password
  • Changing your password in CANVAS does not affect your other NCTC passwords it is only valid
    for CANVAS

Visit NCTC's eLearning Department to find out more about taking online or hybrid courses,

How do I use Apply Texas as a Dual Credit student? add

ApplyTexas Guide for Dual Credit Students


Download printable copy of this guide for your records.

Power Point Step-by-Step Guide for using

Part 1. Create ApplyTexas Login Account

  • Select: "Create Your Account Now" and complete "My Profile" information as required.
  • Grade Level is the grade you will enter in upcoming semester.
  • Address MUST include a physical address.
  • Record your Apply Texas password
  • Save your Profile information
  • Agree to USPS standardization of address
  • Record your Apply Texas username

Part 2. Create Application

  • Go to "My Applications" and create "New Application"
  • Select - 2 Year College Admissions Application
  • Select - Metroplex Region- Select North Central Texas College-Gainesville
  • Select Semester
  • Select a School of Choice - Most Dual Credit students select Associate of Arts
  • Select a Major - Most Dual Credit students will indicate General Studies.

Complete Biographical Information

The application indicates a space for your social security number but they do not indicate it as

If you choose not to provide your social security number, you are required to come to NCTC campus and provide additional documentation. Not including your social security number will delay your application.

Application Checklist Check All Information

  1. Type your high school name to look up appropriate code as requested and save
  2. When asked basis you are seeking Admission enter "Dual Credit"
  3. When asked primary reason for attending classes enter either "Earn Associates Degree" or "Earn Credits for Transfer"

Residency Information

Typically Dual Credit students will base their residency on a parent since they are claimed as a dependent. Most Dual Credit students do not file their own income tax as an independent tax payer. Please read each question carefully and answer accordingly.

Most dual credit students are claimed as a dependent.

If the parent and/or student is a permanent resident (not a US citizen), additional documentation will be required by the NCTC Admission Office, contact the Admissions Office for more information.

Custom Questions for This institution

You may answer only required questions but will need to select "Save, Acknowledge Question".

Part 3. Save and Proceed to "Submit Now"

  1. Record your application ID
  2. Check for your confirmation email from Apply Texas.
  3. Check for NCTC email to acknowledge that your application was received. Save this email as it contains important information.
How do I appeal a grade? add

Student Grade Appeal Process

Grade appeals can only be made by the student.

Any student wishing to appeal the final grade received in an NCTC course may do so according to the sequence procedure outlined in the NCTC Student Handbook.

"Grade appeals may only be considered if the procedure has been followed explicitly in the order outlined. The grade appeal process must be initiated and completed by the end of the next long semester. Grade appeals after the deadline will not be considered."- NCTC Student Handbook

How do I pay online? add

STEP ONE: Log into your MyNCTC account. If assistance is needed, call NCTC IT Help Desk (940) 668-42841.

STEP TWO: Navigate to the Financials under Student Services.

STEP THREE: Click Herring Bank, and follow the directions to pay with your credit or debit card.

STEP FOUR: That's it, you're finished!


For more information, visit the Business Office. If you need assistance, call (940) 668-4200.