High School Counselors

NCTC’s Dual Credit ON TRACK is an opportunity for 9th – 12th grade students to earn college credit and high school credit simultaneously. Students taking academic dual credit must have college ready test scores based on courses selected and a high school GPA of 2.0. High schools may require a higher GPA. Students enrolling in Career Technical courses are not required to meet college ready TSIA2 scores. If a student decides to move these credits into an AAS degree plan, then TSIA2 scores would be required at that time. The state of Texas requires each school district to have a Memorandum of Understanding in order to provide dual credit courses. There is a separate Memorandum for Home School.

 NCTC TSIA2 Assessment Testing at High School - Important Preparation Instructions

Counselors are encouraged to attend NCTC’s Counselors Forum where yearly updates are shared.

Dual Credit On Track

  • To be eligible to register for course/s Dual Credit students must submit all documents and adhere to deadlines, Dates & Deadlines Calendar. Schools are encouraged to set earlier deadlines. Students should log into MyNCTC student services to verify if Admission file is complete.
  • Documents required prior to registration deadline
    • Application, ApplyTexas.org
    • High school and college transcripts
    • TSIA2 scores
    • Meningitis immunization may be required if attending NCTC campus

Additional Requirements

  • Student/Parent Orientation & Agreement Form
    Orientations available face to face at high schools or online.
  • Student Registration Form must be completed with high school counselor. This form is NOT required prior to registration.

Beginning Fall 2018:

  • Counselors are required to Certify Free and Reduced Student Tuition Grants by published deadline. These grants will remain in effect for one school year; Fall, Spring, and Summer. No additional documents needed from students.
  • Counselors are required to submit signed Certified Student Enrollment/Free Reduced Rosters by the deadline.

Registering Now for Summer
Returning Students

Check with your high school for specific dates.


Payment or Payment Plan set up is due at time of registration. Dual Credit students will be included in all NCTC drop dates for nonpay.

Public Ed free reduced students are required to pay for all textbooks themselves.

Drop dates for nonpayment for Dual Credit students.
Drop Date Semester
2/28/2020 Spring 2nd 8 week & Summer 2020
3/27/2020 Maymester & Summer 2020
5/1/2020 Maymester & Summer 2020
5/29/2020 Summer 2020 & Fall 2020
6/29/2020 Summer 2020 & Fall 2020
8/3/2020 Fall 2020

Dates & Deadlines

Deadlines and Important Dates for Fall and Spring Semesters for Counselors
Event Spring 2020 Summer 2020 Fall 2020
Online Registration Begins
September 16 -
December 6
October 15 April 15-May 6
Application & Documents
Submission for new students

Both 8 and 16 weeks
Ensures timely registration

Applications: At least
2 months prior to

Just Updated
Test Scores
3 weeks prior to
scheduled registration
date with spreadsheet

Applications: At least 2
months prior registration

 Applications: 1 month prior to scheduled online registration date


Signed Certified Enrollment Roster

Both 8 and 16 weeks

Must be signed and
returned to Dual Credit Office!

F&R Tuition Waivers

  • F&R is paid directly by NCTC, not state funds
  • If this list is not verified by counselor and a student is missed, they will not be added later and the ISD or student will have to pay.
    This is necessary to complete coding by NCTC before classes begin
School Enrollment Roster
  • This is critical for you to ensure students are in courses they need to be at correct times and in what format (online or f2f). If a student sits in a Dual Credit Course and isn't supposed to be, we can't go back and allow college credit.
  • Also, any students need to be dropped before the first day of classes, otherwise the student is at risk of still owing a percentage of tuition, including F&R students

DC Team will send preliminary list on December 2 - Due back December 6 @ 8:00 AM (earlier if requested) and a final list will be sent Jan. 6 - Due back Jan. 10 @ 8:00 AM

Add/Drop forms can be submitted until you sign and return your FINAL correct enrollment roster by Jan. 10.

By signing and returning the enrollment roster you are stating that it is correct, nothing needs to be changed, and students are aware of their courses.

After January 10 no additions can be made for the semester. This is necessary to complete coding by NCTC before classes begin


DC Office send on August 3

Due back by:
August 7 @ 8:00 AM
Earlier if possible

Add/Drop forms can be submitted until you sign and return your FINAL correct enrollment roster by August 7

By signing and returning the enrollment roster you are stating that it is correct and no adjustments are needed and students are aware of their schedules.

Once the list has been signed and returned as being correct, no F&R additions can be made for the semester. This is necessary to complete coding by NCTC before classes begin.

Last Day to Drop
with 100% Refund
January 17 Summer I - June 4
Summer III - June 4
Summer II - July 14
August 21
Classes Begin
January 21 Summer I - June 8
Summer III - June 8
Summer II - July 15
August 24
Last Day to Drop
First 8 week course
January 24 August 28
Last Day to Drop
Second 8 week course
March 30 October 23
Last Day to Withdraw
First 8 week course
with a "W"
February 21 September 26
Last Day to Drop
16 week course

Without a "W" on
college transcript

January 31 September 7
Last Day to Withdraw
16 week course
With a "W"
April 3 October 30
Last Day to Withdraw
Second 8 week course
April 24 November 21
Final Exams for First 8 week
March 9-13 October 15-17
Final Exams for
Second 8 week and
16 Week courses
May 11 - 16 December 7-12

May 15 @ UNT

Dual Credit students who do not meet the required deadline for graduation, from the graduation office, will not be able to receive the graduation stole provided by the Dual Credit Team.


Dual Credit students who do not meet the required deadline for graduation will not be able to receive the graduation cord provided by the Dual Credit Team.

Midterm Grades Sent to
High Schools for
16 week courses ONLY
March 13
Gives 2 weeks to withdraw
October 16
Final Grades Sent to
High School
May 22 Summer I - August 20
Summer III - August 20
Summer II - August 26
January 6


Spring Break 2020 | March 16 - 21

General Eligibility

  • Any public, private, charter, or home school high school student in 9th – 12th grade student
  • College readiness in at least one testing area as evidenced with Qualifying Test Scores. The TSI Assessment is the most commonly used test. TSI Testing Request is available for onsite high school testing.
  • Minimum high school GPA of "C" or higher as required by high school principal or school board.
  • Social and behavioral maturity for college level courses
  • Parents and counselors should be aware that college ready scores are not the only criteria for student success. Tips For Being a Successful Dual Credit Student can help students understand the difference between high school and college. GRIT may be more important in determining student success than readiness scores.
     Play GRIT Video
  • Students with prior disciplinary or attendance problems, as defined by The Texas Education Code, section 25.92 Minimum Attendance for Class Credit, are not eligible to enroll in dual credit courses.

What NCTC Offers

Dual Credit at NCTC offers a vast array of services and programs. Is your school interested in an early college high school concept?  NCTC’s Collegiate Academy may be of interest as well as pathways for Core Complete, Associate Degree, University Transfer, and University Partnership.

Collegiate Academy

NCTC partners with high schools to provide early college access for students who desire to graduate NCTC Core Complete or with Associate Degree. Contact the Director of Dual Credit if your high school is interested in establishing a Collegiate Academy. If you are offering Dual Credit opportunities for 9th graders, you may be approved as an NCTC Collegiate Academy Partnership School. Contact Director of Dual Credit.

Dual Credit Courses


By state mandate NCTC Core Curriculum transfers to all public colleges and universities in Texas.  Students attending out of state or private universities should check with that institution.

Course Load

High school students may enroll in the number of classes appropriate to their needs with an institutional upper limit of 18 hours per long semester. A load of 12 hours per long semester should be considered advanced by most metrics for Dual Credit students.

Courses Offered

NCTC offers hybrid, online and face to face courses at NCTC campuses and high school campuses. High schools requesting courses taught on site must complete a Course Request Form by required deadline. Requesting courses does not guarantee NCTC's ability to provide an instructor.


Dual Credit students receive a reduced tuition rate based on their residency.

Dual Credit Tuition Rates

Tuition rates for the the Fall 2019, Spring and Summer 2020 Semesters based on student residency.
Residency Tuition General Use Fee Out-of-District Total per Semester Hour
In-District $0.00 $43.00 N/A $43.00
In-District Branch Campus
(Graham ISD)
$0.00 $43.00 $20.00 $63.00
In-State $57.00 $43.00 $32.00 $132.00
Out-of-State $136.00 $43.00 $46.00 $225.00
  • Students must attend a high school located in North Central Texas College's service area (Cooke County, Denton County, and Graham ISD) to receive dual credit discounted rates.
  • Students attending a high school located out of North Central Texas College's service area will pay regular tuition rates.