Register for Classes
Student on the Gainesville Campus

Before You Register

If you are a new student, please remember to complete the Admissions process, submit all required documentation, and meet with an advisor before beginning Registration.

Complete Admission

How to Register for Classes

For additional information about registering online, please refer to the Registration Guide.

Online Registration Guide

Step 1: Meet with an Advisor add

Students may register for classes on campus or online. However, students are strongly encouraged to visit with an Advisor or Counselor prior to registering for courses to ensure they are completing the requirements of their intended degree or certificate.

Step 2: Before Registering for Classes add

Log in to MyNCTC

Your user name and password are:
User name = Net ID (Example: DoeJ123456)
Password = Student ID number (will either be a 7 or 9-digit number)

Enter your username and password.
If you forget your user name or password, please call the ITS Help Desk at 940-668-4284.

If you have not already done so, you will be requested to enter emergency alert information and to make a direct deposit bank designation.

  • For new and returning students, you will be prompted to add or update your emergency notification information for each long semester (Fall/Spring).
  • You may also be prompted to click to submit Direct Deposit Designation or click Proceed with Login

Prior to registering for class, please check your admissions status or any holds on your account in MyNCTC. You must be cleared for registration in order to proceed with enrollment. 

  • For New Students to NCTC:
    • Check your Admissions Status:
    • Select the “Admissions” tab.
    • Select “Admissions Applications Status”. It should say that you are admitted or conditionally admitted.
    • Make sure you can see the Student Services tab at the top of the page.
    • Review your Missing Items on the Admissions Documents Required tab for any items that you need to turn in as soon as possible.
  • For Continuing Students at NCTC
    • Select the “Student Services” tab.
    • Find “Hold Information” section.
    • If there is a Hold on your account, it will be listed in this section. If there are no holds, it will say “No results returned for this query”. For each hold, please read the description about the hold.
    • Then follow the instructions on how to resolve the hold.

  Important note: The Transcript conversion hold will not prevent registration for future courses.

Step 3: Register for Classes add

Once you verify you are cleared for registration, you are ready to go. 

  1. In the left-hand side of the page, select Add/Drop Courses. Next, you will select the “+” (plus sign) to proceed with Add/Drop and course selection. 
  1. Next, click Add/Drop Courses to select your course schedule. 
  1. Select the Term you would like to register - for example, 2016-2017 Spring-Spring Term (16 Week). In addition to this, you will enter Course Search information by selecting the title of the course or a portion of the course (example, ENGL 1301 or ENGL 1301 100). Click Search.
  1. When using the Course Search tab, you will enter a check mark in the box on the left-hand side of the screen and then scroll down to the bottom of the page to select Add Course(s)
  1. Once you click Add Course(s), you will receive a message the course has been successfully added to the Registration record. To drop the course, you will simply select the box next the course and click Drop Course(s)
  1. Another option for course selection is Add by Course Code. You must enter the Course ID including the section – for example, ENGL 1301 100.  Click Add Course(s). 
Step 4: Payment is due at the time of registration. add

You may pay your bill online or in person at the Business Office on any campus. View your Financial Aid and account summary/bill.

Next, contact the bookstore for your specific campus. You can also bring a copy of your class schedule to any NCTC Bookstore to get a list, including pricing information, regarding the books and supplies you need.