Degree Audit

The degree audit, when requested by a student, provides an outline of specific degree requirements. These requirements are based on a specific catalog year and a student's chosen degree or certificate program. The degree audit shows coursework that has already been completed at NCTC, work that has been transferred in from another regionally accredited institution if applicable, and additional coursework needed to fulfill a specific degree or certificate. The degree audit is a useful tool for guiding a student toward completing his or her degree or certificate.

How a Degree Audit Works 

Degree audits change each year depending on what is offered in the current year's catalog. NCTC offers a wide range of Associate degrees as well as Certificates of Completion, and any student can request a degree audit for any of degrees or certificates offered at NCTC.

A student who enrolls at NCTC during any academic year and who earns college credit for work done during that year may chose to have a degree audit under the provisions of the current catalog, the catalog in force during the student's first year of enrollment, or the catalog of any succeeding year during which the student was enrolled.

If a student is planning to complete the degree or certificate, then the degree audit applies provided that the student meets the requirements no later than five years from the date of the selected catalog.

Why Get an Audit?

A student should request a degree audit because the audit outlines degree requirements and helps guide a student in the appropriate direction when attempting to complete coursework towards a degree or certificate at NCTC.

How to get an Audit 

A student can view their degree audit on their advising worksheet, which can be accessed in a current student's MyNCTC student portal or printed in the Admissions/Registrar's Office on any campus.

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Transcript Evaluations

If you have been to another college or university and wish to have your credits from that college transferred to NCTC, you must fill out a Transcript Evaluation Request in MyNCTC.  To access the form, go to MyNCTC and submit the Transcript Evaluation Request on the Student Services tab.

If your previous college or university was out-of-state, you must submit course descriptions with your request. Official transcripts must be on file with the Admissions/Registrar's Office prior to submitting your request.

Transcript evaluation requests will be processed within 4-6 weeks.  The student should receive an email confirmation to their NCTC student email address once the transcript evaluation has been processed.