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Beginning Aug. 1, 2021, NCTC will transition the campus pandemic safety protocols back to Normal Operations. This change adheres to evolving guidelines produced by the CDC and state mandates. With this transition, we look forward to the return of pre-pandemic operational norms in class formats, student life and other university traditions at NCTC. Though most protocols will be lifted through this operational status change, some pandemic resources will remain as we begin the Fall semester.

Health & Safety

Vaccine add

Vaccination will remain voluntary and strongly encouraged. In compliance with Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Executive Order GA-38, the North Central Texas College will not require individuals to receive a COVID-19 vaccine or provide proof of vaccination. We strongly encourage the NCTC community to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to further secure a fully in-person education experience. Getting your COVID-19 vaccine helps keep you and your fellow Lions safe. Please see COVID vaccination locations in related links to find your nearest vaccine provider.

Face Masks/Face Coverings add

Face Masks are optional while you are on campus. We strongly encourage anyone who is not fully vaccinated to wear face masks or face coverings while on campus and in the presence of others. Appropriate use of face masks or coverings is essential to minimizing risks to yourself and others near you, though it is not a substitute for social distancing.

Occupancy Levels and Physical Distance add

Occupancy on campus will open to 100% in all areas, with no physical distancing required. This includes all restrooms, elevators, office areas and classrooms.

Cleaning Protocols add

NCTC has collaborated with its custodial vendors to conduct advanced cleaning protocols in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, and custodial services will conduct additional cleanings. In addition to these disinfection procedures, additional care should be taken to wipe down commonly used surfaces. NCTC encourages all employees to wipe down their work areas with EPA-registered 60% alcohol solution.

Travel add

Face coverings will not be required in any SFA/state-owned or rented vehicles including public transportation. There are no longer any restrictions on travel between campuses. If you intended on traveling either Domestic or International please see Travel in related links.

Athletic Events add

Athletic events are open at 100% capacity.

If You Are Sick, Stay Home add

It is important for individuals to remain vigilant of their health and symptoms. Individuals should screen themselves daily. If you feel sick, you should stay home.

I’ve tested positive for COVID-19, now what? add

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, please email Dillon Bannister to receive your 10-day restriction letter. If employees of NCTC test positive for COVID they must use their own sick time while quarantined.

Vaccine FAQ

Is the vaccine required? add

No. Vaccination is voluntary and strongly encouraged. In compliance with Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s executive order GA-38, the college will not require individuals to receive a COVID-19 vaccine or provide proof of vaccination. We strongly encourage the NCTC community to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to further secure a fully in-person fall semester.

Where can I be vaccinated? add

Visit to find a vaccination provider near you today, or see vaccine locations under related links to find a location with 25 miles of each campus.

Who is eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine? add

Individuals 12 years of age and older are eligible to be vaccinated.

What COVID-19 vaccines are currently authorized in the U.S.? add

The currently authorized vaccines to prevent COVID-19 in the United States:

  • Pfizer-BioNTech dose should be given three weeks (21 days) apart
  • Moderna dose should be given one month (28 days) apart
  • Johnson & Johnson is a single dose vaccine.
Do I have to quarantine after being exposed to someone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19? add

No. Under Gov. Abbotts executive order GA-38:

No governmental entity can compel any individual to receive a COVID-19 vaccine administered under an emergency use authorization. Furthermore, no state agencies and political subdivisions shall not adopt or enforce any order, ordinance, policy, regulation. rule, or similar measure that requires an individual to provide, as a condition of receiving any service or entering any place, documentation regarding the individual’s vaccination status for any COVJD-l9 vaccine administered under an emergency use authorization.

In areas where the COVID-19 transmission rate is high, individuals are encouraged to follow the safe practices they have already mastered, such as wearing face coverings over the nose and mouth wherever it is not feasible to maintain six feet of social distancing from another person not in the same household, but no person may be required by any jurisdiction to wear or to mandate the wearing of a face covering.

The COVID-19 Dashboard

The COVID-19 Public Dashboard has been created as a resource for the NCTC community to provide some answers to important questions. As this virus changes, we must be prepared to respond and implement plans to continue operating and serving our students. The safety of the college community is our priority and NCTC will continue to provide information and preventative measures to keep our communities safe.

I've tested positive, believe I have COVID, or have been around someone with COVID. What do I do?

If you test positive for COVID-19 or get sick after you are exposed to someone with COVID-19, you can help stop the spread of COVID-19 to others.

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  • NCTC is maintaining an updated list of Community Resources to address needs related to technology access, financial assistance, childcare, housing, employment, tutoring, and more!
  • Additional resources may be found through Counseling & Community Resources and the Dean of Students.
  • Please also consult our student-centered COVID-related Frequently Asked Questions with the most current information regarding campus updates, and class schedules.
  • Don’t have a laptop? All online courses can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet through the Canvas App. Download it through the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  • And be sure to download the NCTC App to connect with other students and get immediate updates and feedback about all things NCTC!

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