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Protocols Update April 2021

Beginning tomorrow, April 20, 2021, we will no longer require daily temperature checks at the entry doors. Access to buildings can be made from any entry point.

All other COVID protocols including face masks/face coverings, room cleaning, washing of hands, and social distancing will remain in place until further notice.

The daily check-in app, Sine Pro, remains and all employees and students should continue complete the daily health check before arriving on campus each day.    

Health & Safety

Face Masks/Face Coverings
Face Masks are required while you are on campus. We strongly encourage everyone on campus to wear face masks or face coverings when in the presence of others. Appropriate use of face masks or coverings is essential to minimizing risks to others near you, though it is not a substitute for social distancing. NCTC anticipates that most will bring their own masks for use while on campus. However, to facilitate the use of protective masks on campus, the College has obtained a limited supply of masks and will provide masks, if needed.

Social Distancing
Maintaining space from others is one of the most effective tools in slowing the spread of COVID-19. Public health officials recommend that individuals remain at least three feet apart at all times, do not gather in large groups, and be cautious about attending mass gatherings. To support this effort, NCTC will continue to encourage some virtual meetings using tools such as WebEx and Zoom and will restrict face-to-face meetings.

Advanced Cleaning Protocols
NCTC has collaborated with its custodial vendors to conduct advanced cleaning protocols in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, and custodial services will conduct additional cleanings.

In addition to these disinfection procedures, additional care should be taken to wipe down commonly used surfaces. NCTC encourages all employees to wipe down their work areas with EPA-registered 60% alcohol solution before starting work and before leaving any room in which they have been working. NCTC is ordering additional cleaning supplies that will be provided for NCTC purposes.

Plexiglass Dividers
A number of NCTC workstations are designed to provide customer service to the public. To protect these employees and campus visitors, the College dividers will remain to maintain physical separation and will install additional dividers if requested.

Hand Sanitizer Stations
NCTC provides additional hand sanitizer stations in the common areas of every campus facility for use by employees and students. Disinfectant wipes or spray will be available for use by instructors and students for wiping down instructional spaces, as needed.

The occupancy of restrooms will continue to be limited based on facility size to ensure at least 3 feet of social distancing between individuals. Restrooms will be cleaned at least every two hours during the day and will undergo a detailed cleaning each evening. Please wash your hands thoroughly after using the restroom. 

Campus elevators are limited to two individuals at a time. When using the elevator, please wear your mask or face covering and avoid touching the elevator buttons with your exposed hand/fingers, if possible. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer upon departing the elevator.

Travel still remains restricted between campuses, NCTC limits official travel to that deemed essential by the appropriate Vice-Chancellor.  

Use of Facilities
NCTC will evaluate each request for on-campus events and external requests for the use of facilities on a case by case basis to determine if the event will be approved. This includes meetings, banquets, luncheons, speeches, performances, and other gatherings. Employee meetings are affective and continue to be encouraged.

The COVID-19 Dashboard

In preparation for changes in Fall 2020, the COVID-19 Public Dashboard has been created as a resource for the NCTC community to provide some answers to important questions. As this virus changes, we must be prepared to respond and implement plans to continue operating and serving our students. The safety of the college community is our priority and NCTC will continue to provide information and preventative measures to keep our communities safe.

Please remember to complete your NCTC Health Check each day you are on campus.

NCTC faculty and staff will continue to offer the instructions and support you need to be successful. All of our Student Services’ offices are working remotely to meet your needs.

If you need to make a schedule change for Fall 2020, or need assistance with adding courses for Fall 2020, Spring or Summer 2021 (all terms currently open for registration), you may do so by visiting the Student Services tab on your MyNCTC student portal, or by contacting For any other questions or concerns please contact us by calling (940) 668-7731 or texting (940) 251-0701- we are here for you! Be sure to review the many resources listed below and continue to check this COVID site for future updates.

I've tested positive, believe I have COVID, or have been around someone with COVID. What do I do?

If you test positive for COVID-19 or get sick after you are exposed to someone with COVID-19, you can help stop the spread of COVID-19 to others.

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  • NCTC is maintaining an updated list of Community Resources to address needs related to technology access, financial assistance, childcare, housing, employment, tutoring, and more!
  • Additional resources may be found through Counseling & Community Resources and the Dean of Students.
  • Please also consult our student-centered COVID-related Frequently Asked Questions with the most current information regarding campus updates, and class schedules.
  • Don’t have a laptop? All online courses can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet through the Canvas App. Download it through the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  • And be sure to download the NCTC App to connect with other students and get immediate updates and feedback about all things NCTC!


The NCTC Bookstore is offering free shipping on orders of $100 or more.

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Completion Center

The Completion and Career Service Center has several online resources available for our students.

Online Success Seminars - Student Lingo

Student Lingo is an online resource with study skill workshops, provided for all NCTC students. Success seminars are provided on the following topics:

  • Academic and Career Exploration
  • Reading and Writing Strategies
  • Learning to Learn
  • Personal Management
  • Tips for Online Learning
  • General Success Strategies

Career Services

In need of employment? The NCTC Career Services is working with employers for a listing of current job openings. Please visit the ALL NCTC Students-Advising page in Canvas, and the NCTC App for more information. You can also email with any questions.

NCTC Career Services provides you with the Skills to Succeed Academy

Accenture and NCTC Career Services bring you the Skills to Succeed Academy. A free interactive, online employability training program focused on building the skills and confidence you need to choose the right career, find a job, and be successful in the workplace.

What's included?

  • 36 interactive, bitesize modules to pick and choose from including: how to identify your transferable skills, create a great resume, stand out in an interview, and build a professional online presence.
  • Relevant, realistic training featuring relatable characters.
  • Innovative simulations that allow you to try out real life work scenarios (e.g., a job interview or the first day in a new job) and to experience the consequences of your decisions.
  • A simple online pre-assessment that generates a personalized learning curriculum based on your needs

Register at

Select ‘Learner Registration’ to get started.

Your NCTC Student Learner Access Code is: 04NCnc

Events & Athletic Competitions

Events, conferences and other large gatherings scheduled through the end of the spring semester are currently under review by the NCTC COVID-19 Task Force.

All athletic travel and events are canceled until further notice.

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